Lamborghini Reventon Unboxing in Las Vegas

Lamborghini Reventon Unboxing Experience in Las Vegas
In case you’ve hit the jackpot in Las Vegas and you don’t know what do to with $ 1 million, we suggest you get in line (and start hoping) for a Lamborghini Reventon. The first model has just been sold via the Lamborghini of Las Vegas dealership, while the rest of 19 are already pre-ordered.

Spada Codatronca Supercar

Spada Codatronca Supercar Slated for Production
In case you’re planning some really expensive supercar shopping in the following year or so add a Spada Codatronca to your golden list, as the supercar concept is ready to go into production stage. It will be priced at about $400.000 and it will be packing a supercharged LS7 V8 generating 600 hp.

Motorola e680w Features a Wide Touchscreen

Motorola e680w Features a Wide Touchscreen
Here’s what might get Motorola back on track, in case they’ll ever make it out of the current crisis: E680W, a neat concept phone, featuring a wide touchscreen. Ycyas, the user who posted this on the Motorolafans forums also wants to see Linux EZX UI on this device, making it a worthy iPhone rival. I hope the design team over the producer’s HQ is watching this… [Via]

PSP Goes iPhone in a Neat Concept Design

PSP Goes iPhone in a Neat Concept Design
Since Sony have already started posting job ads for some mysterious console to come, we might as well speculate, that the console above is a PSP 2. I’ve spotted this conceptual beauty and realized that it resembles a tad the good old iPhone, but I’m still wondering if that’s a touchscreen sliding in there. The classic button layout is here, with an extra analog pad and the L an R buttons probably on the side of the device. Notice how slim and wide the console is? Inspired by Nintendo DS, are we? [via PSP Fanboy]

Nokia N96 a Beautiful and Strange Concept Phone

Nokia N96, Beautiful and Strange Concept Phone
What you can see above is one of last year’s speculations on how Nokia N96 will look like, through the work of a Photoshop artist spotted on Unwiredview. It’s even more interesting when we get to see the specs of this strange beauty, presumably coming out before the also rumored N99: - 7.1 MP camera with 20x optical zoom
- Wi-Fi
- MP3
- Bluetooth plus various other connectivity options
- Live TV and HDTV support
- 8GB storage space
- 3″ display with VGA resolution
This concept phone is based on Symbian 9.5 and it’s a 8.5mm thick device, but its specs are more doable than you may think, since we’ve seen all of them (scattered) on other phones, but never in a single device. Any other feature you’d like in N95’s successor?
[Via unwiredview]

PSP Phone Coming From Sony Ericsson?

PSP Phone

Just spotted this pic right here on and was wondering about the possibility of getting the PSP Phone, courtesy of Sony Ericsson, instead of the good old Sony (main company). Also, I’m quite puzzled to see that this concept features a 2.0 MP camera. I guess they would be able to include at least a 5 MP one. With the recent Skype update of the PSP, who needs a phone any more? [Via techdigest]

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