SAIC-GM YeZ, Eco-Friendly Concept Car of the Year 2030

SAIC-GM YeZ, Eco-Friendly Concept Car of the Year 2030
The YeZ concept car is an all electric, eco-friendly vehicle that was designed by the joint venture of SAIC and GM. The design of the car is environment-oriented and gets its power from natural resources.
The concept vehicle features solar panels, which are located on the rooftop and small wind turbines, placed on its wheels. Besides the solar panels, the roof of the YeZ will benefit from an innovative system that will capture carbon dioxide from the surrounding air and then release oxygen in the atmosphere. more info and images after the break...

Sony Ericsson Etio™

The brother of Sony Ericsson Aino™; Sony Ericsson Etio™. It supports a 8.1 megapixel camera, an led-flash and has a very neat design.

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