All-in-one PC by Jakub Záhoř

The InOne is actually a computer all-in-one. 22 "monitor, keyboard, touchpad, speakers and a digital pad integrated into a single package TRONtastic. Everything is connected wirelessly and displays what the writing and drawing tablet, so you do not look at the screen. Interesting design , especially the keyboard. 
Designer: Jakub Záhoř
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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Turns Pink In Japan

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Turns Pink In Japan To Launch March 24 :
After receiving the played back at CES, we believe that learning is the Xperia phone rather surprising purely by virtue of its design, there's really no need to dress with a crazy color. But hey, if you want, you can use - if you are in Japan, NTT DoCoMo, however.
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iPhone 5 Leaked

Apple iPhone 5 Leaked, iPhone 5, New iPhone 5
The front of what is supposed to be the next-generation iPhone 5 was a flight from China ideally. As you can see in the picture above, the screen size is increased to four inches with almost no back seat at all because of this edge is called on board display. more info and image after the break...

Xperia Ultima

Xperia Ultima is a 12 Megapixel Concept Phone, Created by J. Havrlant
The latest Sonny Ericsson Xperia device design has become a concept, created for us by J. Havrlant. As you can see, the new Xperia Ultima keeps the large touchscreen upfront and comes with a 12.1 megapixel camera with an Exmor R sensor and HD capture. see more image after the break...

HTC Aria for AT&T

AT & T has said in recent days that the Aria Android 2.2 update is in the laboratories ... so it is here. It is a very painful wait, right (assuming you do not take into account the waiting time in Asia, that is)? The download is up to HTC's site now, weighing in at 165 MB and warning that it will be deleted text messages and emails downloaded, clean applications, and scare their children. .. do it with the same level of caution as you would any other firmware. via

Diesel Watches - ES11 Thermal Attraction Watch

The latest Diesel watches called "thermal Attraction" is to drop this month. The watches are available in three bright colors: purple, yellow and magenta, something special about these watches is that they change color depending on the temperature of your body! These watches are digital and comes with a silver and black dial, we'll review soon, but here's a little taste of what they look like after cut. more images after the break...

Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible

Dell Inspiron Duo is Dell’s latest portable device on the market and their first attempt at a tablet. more images after the break...

Mini Rocketman Car - Mini Car By Mini

Mini Rocketman Car - Mini Car By Mini - Mini Rocketman Concept Car
Although the size of small cottages, MINI says, is not large enough to accommodate four adults, and the seats can be arranged in three different layouts. Since the two seats, front seats to move as far as is necessary when the instrument panel can also be transferred. Then there is the fourth behind the chair, which is a temporary device, which can be folded down to a backpack affixed to the back seat. It 'similar to the composition of the innovative Toyota iQ. It is not smart enough to boot too. It consists of two parts, the traditional roof top of the door swing and lower drawer. more images and video after the break...

Sony Ericsson P2i phone concept

Sony Ericsson P2i Makes Us Go Old School
Designer FreshFarfan from Deviantart created back in 2008 a Sony Ericsson phone that we love even now, the Sony Ericsson P2i model. Not dual core, is full of technological marvels with a 4 inch display. via

Jaguar XKR-S - New Model

The new Jaguar XKR-S car is powered by a higher performance 550-horsepower supercharged V8 good for a top speed of 186 mph and a 0-60 time of just 4.2 seconds. Other features include a revised suspension elegant logo, new and a new aerodynamic design of the environment that stops passersby in their tracks.

iPhone Nano - Part 6

iPhone Nano Mockups Part 6: We Go Thin and Go Purple 
iPhone nano mockup created by Nicholas, one of the commenters on the original article talking about such concepts. However, we’re loving the purple theme and how slim the device manages to be. It appears it was designed months ago, before the iPhone nano was even a dream.
This phone is thin enough to seem fragile, and its display is another edge, as one of the above concepts. what do you think about this concept?

Classic Sony Ericsson Design

Classic Sony Ericsson Design Reminds Us of the Good Times 
RKSynth Esato board has recently published a concept that reminds us of those moments where Sony Ericsson shocked the world. Well, they seem to be back at it with the Xperia series, but it was a time when the T and P were much loved. Handset above combines the design of a P-series model with back of a Cyber-shot. The idea of having a portrait of a sliding QWERTY keyboard part at the top is quite original and PDA-like, for fans of the old school. via

QUAD Electric Bike By Facundo Elias

The Quad is one of those concepts that meet the recreational vehicles in the future supply. 48V electric motor powered by 4 batteries 750 amps to provide the vehicle for 3 hours between charges of juice, which only takes 6-8 hours depending on your blood. more images after the break...

Xperia Concept Teaser Appears

Xperia Concept Teaser Appears! Something Good Coming! 
The famous judge recently Havrlant teases us with two of its new models for the future: two concepts Xperia smartphone. via

Audi reveals A3 saloon concept rendering

Audi A3s on the road in the UK are a well recognised hatchback face but to take it into saloon territory? As always though, the teaser sketch does make the concept extremely attractive to behold. more info and images of this car after the break...

Mercedes ELA Concept by Mohammad Ghezel

Mercedes and nice are two words that are rarely used together, but did not deny the cute factor Mohammad Ghezel ELA Mercedes Concept 2011 Michelin Challenge Design Showcase. structurally sound but light body ELA reflects what could be the future HOVs look ahead. Otherwise, it is a bee, as the backbone, the interior is intimate and passenger and driver.more images after the break...

Sony Ericsson Zento With a 4.4 Inch Display

Sony Ericsson Zento is a Huge Smartphone, With a 4.4 Inch Display
Frank Tobias recently posted on its website a new Sony Ericsson concept, Zenta SE. She has a great smartphone with a touchscreen of 4.4 inches, with the Sony BRAVIA Engine and Android Mobile 3.0 operating system.
Sony Ericsson Zenti 2.5 GHz dual core, 10-megapixel digital camera can capture full HD (Sony Exmor R) and a 3.2 megapixel camera in front. HDMI is also the government and I think that beauty is only the family Xperia..via

HTC Windows 7 Phone Eerie HD3

HTC Eerie HD3 Windows 7 Phone Uses 2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM
HTC Eerie HD3 below, created by Wallec (wwalczyszyn from Deviantart), since it’s looking incredible and its specifications are mind blowing. The device uses a 4.7 inch AMOLED display, that takes it closer to tablets than smartphones. more ifno and images after the break...

Tibetan Buddhist Nokia Phone

Nokia Tibetan Buddhist Phone Looks a Bit Like Motorola Aura
Imagine a Motorola Aura without bling and a spiritual side to him. Spoken in Tibetan Nokia aims to disseminate Buddhist teachings and offer features such as the Tibetan calendar and a list of holidays. There is also a feature that lets you play some songs and a Tibetan language input method. more images after the break...

The Libyan Rocket - Worlds Safest Car

Worlds Safest Car - The Libyan Rocket
Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has invented a smart car James Bond style, said that Libya is the safest vehicle on earth. more info and images after the break...

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – Playstation Phone

Sony Ericsson is about to release the Xperia Play, their attempt to compete with the iPhone (pffft). The device is a cross between a mobile phone and a PSP, more info and images after the break...

NEOS Enclosed Motorbike by Daniel Munnink

NEOS Enclosed Motorbike by Daniel Munnink 
NEOS is closed on a motorcycle with sidecar, and a modular system of the 21st century. Provides advanced security, away from your traditional bike, but the amounts still the traditional pure fun you get. Ideal for business trips or weekend on the winding roads, NEOS sidecar pod continued flexibility can be easily removed. With the latest 3-phase AC induction motor and a lithium battery tech, NEOS provides power when an economic and green. Hit the jump the full list of specifications via. more images after the break.

Arkcanary II for your iPone

Crank Up the Volume With the Arkcanary II

Crank Up the iPhone Volume With the Arkcanary II:

Have you ever wanted to share a song on your iPhone with your friends, but would not let them use your headphones? You do not know where their ears, why would you want to leave your stuff there? Thank you Arkcanary II, you can share your music without sharing earwax. These speaker cone are available in seven different colors, and they pack the punch with their tapered design of the acoustic environment. Remember, before you can share your music with people around you, make sure they want to hear - you can buy this product at [] around $ 13 ea. more images and video after the break...

HTC Honey Handset - Honeycomb Interface Sense

HTC Honey Handset Runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb With Sense UI
 HTC Honey is a Honeycomb phone created by joyStudios and shown below. On top of Android 3.0 it uses HTC Sense and its specs include Bluetooth 3.0 and 4G.more info and images after the break...

Dell NXG Smartphone Has MeeGo Functions

Dell NXG Smartphone Runs Meego
Given that Nokia is all about Microsoft and Windows Mobile 7 these days, why not let other companies Meego. One example is Dell, which made good use of the platform, but only in this concept phone, designed by sonyfanboy Esato member of the board. This is the Dell NXG, a sliding QWERTY keyboard with a touch screen big enough.
Phone Design similar to Dell's Windows-based operating system with Pro 7 Place. What do you think can any other company next to Meego Nokia confirms its mobile phones? via

X Swatch Watch Collection by Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott x Swatch Watch Collection
Jeremy Scott announced he has partnered with Swatch and created 3 watches to be released with his Fall '11 season (which debuted on runways yesterday). The watches are called "Lighting Flash", "Winged Swatch" and "Swatch Opulence", respectively. more info and image after the break...

Anti Sleep Pilot App for Your iPhone

Forget NoDoz, Get the Anti Sleep Pilot App for Your iPhone
Anti Sleep Pilot® App is the first after-market solution that can help you prevent fatigue-related driving accidents. These accidents are the cause of up to 25% of all fatal and 40% of all single-vehicle traffic accidents. more images after the break...

DJ Job With Grandwizard Phone

Grandwizard Phone Makes You a DJ, Allows You to Remix Media Files
Grandwizard Phone Makes You a DJ, Allows You to Remix Media Files:
Designer Yu Hiraoka created a phone that will greatly interest those who love making music. The combined Grand Wizard can make the average user of a DJ, because it comes with the ability to remix sounds and music creation. The device contains a few screens and click wheel on the side, plus a central touchscreen. more info and images after the break...

Sony Ericsson Xeta Mobile Concept

Sony Ericsson Xeta Runs Android Honeycomb
Sony Ericsson created by Frank Tobias and is known as the Sony Ericsson Xeta. This device includes a dual-core processor at 2 GHz, 4.2-inch touch screen and full-HD camera from 8.1 megapixels in the back (with Exmor-R probe).
In the front of the Sony Ericsson Xeta is a 3.2 megapixel camera for video calls while the phone also comes with the Sony Bravia Engine Mobile, a HDMI port and a mini USB port. We're pretty sure that this device will be available in time for CES 2012 and MWC 2012.via

Prax Tablet and Phone Concept Allows You to Cook

Prax Tablet and Phone Concept Allows You to Cook, Drill Holes... More

To anticipate that cellphones and tablets were invented for carriageable communications. Now they are getting acclimated for aggregate but that. This is aswell the case of the Prax abstraction apparent below. This is a alternation of accessories (tablet and phone) created by Vil Tsimenzin and able to cook, assignment holes and alter a blender. more info and images after the break...

HTC Droid Mini Design

HTC Droid Mini Design is an Improved Wildfire
HTC Droid Mini Architecture created by Long-Nong Huang, the HTC Droid Mini comes with a 3.2 inch touchscreen display, a 1 GHz processor and a architecture that reminds us of the HTC Wildfire model.
Imagine this babyish mobile with a $100 amount tag!

Aerius Concept Car by Pei-Cheng (Patrick) Hsieh

Aerius Concept Car by Pei-Cheng (Patrick) Hsieh:
Aerius concept of high performance electric cars by 2025. The concept is to combine the performance of race cars for the development of sustainable energy sources and materials. Directs the Michelin Active-wheel electric motors and electric motors behind the train in front of the instantaneous acceleration and agile to meet. more info and images after the break...

iPhone Nano - Part 4

iPhone Nano Mockups: Part 4
This iPhone Nano - Part 4 belongs to Dorian, who claims that the new iPhone nano will be totally covered by the screen and lack buttons. The single buttonon it will the top on/off one.
The screen dimension of the original iPhone will be kept and the device will lack a front camera, only relying on the back 3.2 megapixel one. No Retina Display is meant for this baby and the $199 price tag is also speculated. What do you say?

HTC Legend 2 concept

HTC Legend 2 is a Big Entertainer
The creator of the HTC Legend 2 concept claims that this device is a “big entertainer”, meaning that it’s a great multimedia playing device. Its specifications are pretty impressive, too: dual core 800 MHz CPU and an 8 megapixel camera. This is actually better than some phones shown at Mobile World Congress 2011 recently.
How much time do you suppose it will take to make dual core a feature for low end phones? Two years? Three?via

The iPhone Telephoto Lens

Each lens comes with a case and a mini-tripod. Just make sure you chose the right version for your phone (iPhone 3G/3Gs or iPhone 4). more info, images and video after the break...

HTC Flyer Tablet - Leaked at

Released officially earlier this week, the HTC Flyer is an Android tablet which won’t be arriving with Google’s tablet dedicated Android OS 3.0, Honeycomb. According to the leaked Amazon product page, which is apparently still live, the HTC Flyer will retail for a pricey €669 or $900 USD.

While this pricetag does include Europe’s VAT, that’s still quite a price to pay for a slate that doesn’t even include Google Honeycomb, which means if you buy it you’ll get the sense that you’re not buying ‘the latest tablet’. more info and images after the break...

Latest Nissan Esflow concept

Nissan has given a first teaser of their new sporty vehicle for the environmentalist-cautious, its known as the Nissan Esflow concept and will likely debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. more info, images and video after the break...

MET Car Concept by Kyu-Hyun Lee


A Car For The Single Person Family:
Design: Kyu-Hyun Lee & Sol Lee creates this awesome MET Car, a two-person vehicle for the single person family of the future.

Xperia Play Duo, Follow-up to the PSP Phone

Xperia Play Duo, Follow up to the PSP Phone
Xperia Play Duo device was designed by Esato board member pavlov’s dog and can be seen in the image above. The Xperia Play 2 (or Play Duo) keeps the sliding design, the portion above that reminds us of the Xperia X10 and the gaming controls.
There’s a quad core A9 CPU inside this newcomer, that’s only a concept right now and the screen is 4.5 inch in diagonal (720p OLED). Expect quite a number of years to pass before you see the next PSP Phone.

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