Sony Ericsson Xperia

Sony Ericsson Xperia Smart is a Dual Core 2GHz Smartphone with Honeycomb
After the Sony Ericsson Xperia Frank Tobias Ape brings us Xperia smart concept. This is yet another smartphone honeycomb with 3.9-inch display based on the fact BRAVIA Engine Mobile.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Smart is a Dual Core 2GHz Smartphone with Honeycomb

Inside is a 2 GHz dual-core processor, and 1GB of RAM, and 8 to 64 MB of internal memory. Sony Ericsson Xperia Smart supports Wi-Fi, NFC, DLNA and connections, and has a 8.1 megapixel camera, Sony's Exmor R, LED flash and video recording Full HD 1080p. Videocalling addressed through a 3.2-megapixel camera front.

What model do you prefer? Mono or smart?

[via Frank Tobias]

Von Phone Sketch – a Device Controlled by Knocking

It's been a while since the last Mac Funamizu concept, but here we are again with a sketch Von phone. This device is sensitive to sounds, especially the sound it makes when "hit". As for the size goes, Von any as long as the iPhone, but slightly narrower.

Von Phone Sketch   a Device Controlled by Knocking

You can knock on your phone if you have new emails or texts, and if you really had one of those Von strike again. And 'different for each voice message is received (SMS or e-mail). If you shake the handset, you can see, if you have unread tweets and RSS feeds and more, have more bells telephone.

Nokia N10 New Version Brings a Portrait QWERTY Keyboard in the Mix

What about a button, and type of Nokia N10 version, which not only provides a touch screen but also portrait of a QWERTY keyboard. The idea comes from Alberto, one of the guys in the community Mynokiablog. This Nokia concept number 30 produced by this company.

Nokia N10 New Version Brings a Portrait QWERTY Keyboard in the Mix

Nokia N10 Touch and write a little similar to E6 and comes with a screen of 2.46 inches and adopt polycarbonate body N9. This model will run either Windows or telephone MeeGo Harmattan, depending on the choice of use. The keys look pretty comfortable and well distributed, and I must say this could be an excellent replacement for the E series devices.

iPhone Nano Concept Created by Dallas Bradshaw

After the iPhone and the iPhone-so 5-6 is a design concept iPhone nano, which was created by Dallas Bradshaw. The new model is a combination of tinier iOS with 5 on board and a screen Retina. The specifications below, closer to those of the five iPhone to be honest.

iPhone Nano Concept Created by Dallas Bradshaw
iPhone Nano is available in black and white, with 8, 16 or 32 GB of internal memory, an Apple A5 chip dual-core and 8 megapixels. There is also support 4G LTE in the list, a slim design, audio speakers and improved the controls of iPod soft. I must say that this design reminds me a lot of polycarbonate body that has Nokia N9 ...

Samsung Galaxy S III Runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The figure below shows the concept of Samsung S Galaxy III, created by, Ukraine, and Yuriy Povkhanych sent to us. The design looks a lot like Galaxy S II, that dotted the surface of the back and bent down.

Samsung Galaxy S III Runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Looks Very Much Like Galaxy S II

The display looks a bit 'bigger, so you can be about 4.5 inches, which accepts the edge of technology, I have no doubt. This model operates in the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 and is as thin as its predecessor, and offers the same 8-megapixel camera. What can be addressed here?

Well, the screen is bigger and wider and has an advanced version of the Android ... Other than that this is the laptop itself. I can not wait to be inside of Quad Core CPU, Nvidia Kal-El, maybe.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo Press Shot Leaks

What we have here is a press stroke of the alleged Duo Sony Ericsson Xperia saw some time ago in a loss of blurry photos. This time is another leak, which confirms the form factor of the terminal and once again makes me wonder about the presence or absence of a screen from edge to edge on this phone.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo Press Shot Leaks

It is a smartphone with 4.5-inch screen here, a breath of QHD and support a resolution under the bonnet, which expect3ed dual-core processor Bark 9. Supposedly, the processor receives a frequency of 1.4GHz, which is a very strong rival Samsung Galaxy S II. Sony Ericsson Bravia Engine Mobile is also involved in the development of this device and a 12 megapixel camera is more likely to occur in the rear.

The battery is supposed to be a large 2500 mAh, but we will see if all these attractive features, since some of them seem a bit exaggerated ...

[via Pocketnow]

Windows 8 Tablet Concept Unveiled by Microsoft

Microsoft has shown the world its concept Windows Tablet 8 under the 2011 Worldwide Partner Conference presentation yesterday. This is a prototype model with an earlier version of Windows 8 and we have no idea that this test unit.

Windows 8 Tablet Concept Unveiled by Microsoft

It could be a HP, Dell could be a, or perhaps some Asian companies, like Asus and HTC. Microsoft plans to build a Windows 8 and the tablet and the desktop experience and gives us a pretty open, but let's see how open it is confronted with the Android. Win 8 borrow some of the Windows Mobile 7 elements of design, as I saw huge blocks on the screen.

Toshiba Qosmio F750, the world’s first glasses-free 3D laptop

Toshiba is the rapid increase in growth in 3D without glasses 3D displays and speed. Last month, the company released Qosmio X775 laptop 3D. And now they have made the first eyeglasses in the world without the 3D-Toshiba Qosmio laptop called F750, due out next month.

Toshiba Qosmio F750 is a display lenticular lens sheet, which makes a slightly different picture to see the left and right eye, which creates 3D. Laptop is also an HD camera that further enhances the formation of 3D.

Nokia HG-1 Uses Hourglass Design

Nokia HG-1 is a new concept created by Conny Larsson, who came up with a design hourglass and Maemo 5 Board office. It is also the occasion for this device that Android does not seem very pocket friendly, but something to put on the table or shelf.

Nokia HG 1 Uses Hourglass Design

This model is thicker at the top and bottom, while the center is thinner and completely of glass, including the screen. The same glass can become semi-transparent or opaque, depending on user preferences. There is also pressure sensitive framed in this model, replacing the navigation buttons.

HTC Eternity – a WP7 Mango smartphone

HTC Eternity – a WP7 Mango smartphone with a massive 4.7-inch display
If you like watching videos and looking for a widescreen smartphone that offers a big screen, obviously you will like. Then your wait is almost over, that HTC will soon release its new smartphone HTC Bresson eternity and will be a large touch screen of 4.7 inches.

This smartphone has not yet been confirmed, but it is speculated, and take some pictures leaked, indicating that the phone is Windows Mobile 7.1 Mango recent OS. It is also expected that the HTC Eternitywill There are many great features. First of all, it is a 4.7-inch LCD screen and is a unibody aluminum case. And 'powered by a single core 1.5GHz processor and Qualcomm has 16GB of internal memory.

Other features include HDMI output, DLNA support, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 1650 mAh battery, which attests to this smartphone is successful competition in the market. It also includes a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for video calls, and behind the 8-megapixel camera that can record video at 720p.

[via Gizmowatch]

Tron Style Phone is All About the LEDs

We have seen a phone before TRON, but there is always room for more, that's for sure! This concept combined Tron style comes from Andrew D. Morgan, who created a futuristic device draws its inspiration from the famous sci-fi picture that shocked the world last year.

Tron Style Phone is All About the LEDs

This device uses futuristic LED lighting in a model that looks like one of the vehicles and Tron is the "Programs" or humans. The slim dark chrome finish is very elegant and makes this device fits in the segment of the handset mode if you ask me. Tron style comes with a touch zone identifier LED ring, level indicator for power, audio and power connects the port.

World Turbine First Real Life Batmobile Is Only Fully Road Legal

Built earlier this year by Casey Putsch Racing coup. This is the Batmobile only created the fiction that is a reality. It is run by a military spec turbo engine Boeing causing the rear wheels through a gearbox Semi-automatic.

It contains a custom tube chassis / monocoque chassis with fully independent suspension, disc brakes, and a sequential gearbox. It is also useful because it can guide the choice of fuel kerosene, diesel or jet and a power to weight ratio is comparable to the Dodge Viper. This is a great machine, not only looks good, but it sounds as good as the real thing. The car is still registered and insured for the road in the U.S.

Ballistic Tough Jacket for BlackBerry Playbook now available

So you have a tablet Blackberry Playbook, but are concerned about bumps, knocks and falls? Then you'd better consider investing in a rugged, it will be possible to protect themselves.

The rugged ballistic vest is one of the few hard cases out there that are specifically designed to keep your BlackBerry PlayBook course and well protected. The case consists of three layers of protection - an inner layer of silicone, plastic, impact-resistant hard drive, and a shock-absorbing polymer layer.

In addition, it also includes a reinforcement "ballistic angles, which provide better shock absorption edge tablet. Rugged jacket is also equipped with a front panel that doubles as a kickstand option when the playbook is easy to get your hands-free landscape viewing.

Difficult for the jacket is available through ballistic Playbook cases for $ 70 each.

Nokia N10 Triple Boot Phone Runs Android

Here we are again, the beautiful concept of Nokia, the one created by Mohammed Shihuzaan. Dubbed the Nokia N10, the model is a triple-boot the phone, which runs the Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Windows Mobile and Mango Meego Harmattan.

Nokia N10 Triple Boot Phone Runs Android, MeeGo and Windows Phone Mango

It 'was a black anodized aluminum enclosure, and a very special design. I must say that I have seen quite a lot of asymmetric industrial design, but this is one of them. The unit is curved to the left and right sides of the frame is certainly superior to almost all the existing one on the left. The Nokia N10 uses 3.9-inch capacitive 480 x 854 pixel resolution.

Google Nexus III Concept Features

Google Nexus III Concept Features a Smartbar Task Bar at the Bottom, Quad Core CPU:
Leonardo Ferraz created an incredible Nexus III below, quad-core smartphone with Android operating system 2.4, ice cream sandwiches. This concept reveals a unique feature called SMARTbite. This is a special icon on the taskbar at the bottom of relying on black and white display shows missed calls and alarms.

Google Nexus III Concept Features a Smartbar Task Bar at the Bottom, Quad Core CPU

Also shown things as player controls, track name and release the cursor. You can use these without entering the main screen, for better power management. The Nexus III (3 or Nexus if you like) comes with an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED and Xenon flash and video capture capability of 1080p.

Windows Phone 7 Mockup Designed by Zenum Opus

Windows Phone 7 Mockup Designed by Zenum Opus:

RAREN is the company behind the design of mobile Zenum Opus, so when we learned that he had a phone concept Windows 7, we thought it was worth a look. The Swiss invented the first device with a physical keyboard WP7, a no less numerous.

Windows Phone 7 Mockup Designed by Zenum Opus Creators, RareNative

This device is simply called "Seven" and is inspired by Windows Mobile Standard from the old days. The form factor piece is quite old school and when in standby, the phone displays the images in black and white. Emidio Sacramento Designer is a smartphone see it for the second weekend maybe.

iPhone 5 Gets 4.6 Inch Display

iPhone 5 Gets 4.6 Inch Display, 4.3 Inch Edge to Edge Screen Version Also Created by Antonello Falcone:

The latest iPhone-5 concept comes from Italy, courtesy of Antonello Falcone, a user iSpazio. It is an art director in Turin, and he based his idea on a larger screen, with a 4.6 inch diagonal and a potential future release of IOS, IOS 5.1.

iPhone 5 Gets 4.6 Inch Display, 4.3 Inch Edge to Edge Screen Version Also Created by Antonello Falcone

This design uses an iPhone screen glass, curved, which reduces the thickness of 8.4 mm device. On the one hand, we have aluminum frames and a change in the iPhone 4 is the lack of a physical home button, which was replaced by a soft zone. There is also a Dashboard widget on board, in collaboration with the notification center.

PlayStation 4 Design

PlayStation 4 Design is Both Eco-Friendly and Smart

Dumary Joseph is a name you've seen before on this site, and now he is back with a console concept: PlayStation 4 This device is very environmentally friendly because it uses up 0 watts in standby mode and comes with a function ECO Restart which allows you to save the game and then turn off the console for a quick game later, without additional charge.

PlayStation 4 Design is Both Eco Friendly and Smart

This notion PlayStation 4 is made of recycled materials and 60% have a magnesium alloy and carbon, makes the unit very lightweight (2.1 kg). Your use of the total power is 90 watts, which is very reasonable. The Sony PS4 you see here is compatible with the PS Vita, you can use to remotely control the console's new office and surf the Internet or play games in the distance.

Nokia N800 Series Device Proposal Design Looks Stunning

First, it is a unit Nokia N800 series from 2008, so it's even more amazing today. This device concept was created by designer Jm.Jo you can find He created the project for Nokia, and as you can see, we have to do with a smartphone, which introduces QWERTY form factor of the cursor.

Nokia N800 Series Device Proposal Design Looks Stunning... Would Kill With MeeGo!

There is also a tilting hinge mechanism on board and jog stick to games and video call support, possibly through a front camera. This model also has a nice feature, because it generates a hologram effect on the plastic part of the case by means of injection molding that makes it all something much cooler, and appeals to young .

Electric Bicycle BY Vojtech Sojka

This thesis project by Vojtech Sojka Superior bike seem to change the game not too far from the norm. It has a hydro-formed aluminum frame with the engine located on the bottom bracket for a clean look and a better distribution of weight of a motor in the rear hub. The battery is also located in the seat tube, and a belt drive with a carbon hub Shimano Alfine completes the powertrain.
The designer says:
"After trying to design the frame with the look of the diamond standard with a complex system of exemption, I decided to remove the remaining seat, which allows the user to bring up easily. This solution requires a lower weight gain (about 200 grams), but the belt is handling much easier. It also gives a slightly larger deviation of the "triangle" on the back, which improves driver comfort. "Speaking comfort, range Schwalbe Super Moto 2.35 "tires also ride a cushion. Although the complex design of the bases short Sojka felt like the release of additional tire was a good piece of work thanks to its design.

Concept Of Bell & Ross Luxury Phone Looks Attractive

Created by Snowball Coll Idbarn Design Studio, the handset is then supposed to be a luxury phone, belonging to the series of products of Bell & Ross. This is a famous watch manufacturer, which will provide a very interesting approach for luxury mobile phones with the simplicity and elegance that the main attributes.

Bell & Ross Luxury Phone Concept Looks Appealing

The result is a very expensive phone, with the front that looks like a piece of the game Arkanoid. This model is equipped with switches, which makes it easy to use even with gloves. Bell & Ross is a modern concept phone headsets that are stylish and tangle free. The design reminds me a lot of Beats by Dr. Dre.

iPad 3 Blue Mockup

Who would have thought that three would have a 3D display iPad? And what about the four processor cores A6 Apple? These are all speculations, gathered under the hull of the following model: the iPad 3 blue. I have no idea that he created, so please step forward and claim your creation!

iPad 3 Blue Mockup Sure Looks Sexy With a 3D Display

As this model is concerned, is this view of speculation over the past 5 iPhone, so we are facing an iPhone with a screen edge and lacks a Home button. Instead, 3D applications have a very thin frame and, presumably, an AMOLED display. View Samsung is providing these after the conflict with Apple ...

It iPad 3D this fall? I would not mind to see the market in March 2012 as well, but who knows that the giant head of Cupertino, Steve Jobs ...

[via iPhone-concepts]

BMW unveils new 2012 3 Series special editions

BMW fans will be pleased to hear that the German automaker has released information on a special edition some new 3 Series models will soon arrive in dealerships in Europe.

2012 3 Series Exclusive Edition provides buyers of new 18-inch V-spoke light-gray mineral and one outside. Inside, the cabin is wrapped in leather, contrast stitching Dakota is pearl gray, or black. Bamboo Anthracite wood grain trim a little special 'as well.

Of great interest to fans is the news that BMW will also offer customers a new M-Series 2012 3 Sport Edition with a slight performance edge sharp. BMW M engineers turned lose on the suspension of the car and a host of exterior and interior tweaks to both coupe and convertible models apart from the rest of their package.

M Sport Edition provides a set of 18-inch wheels, lightweight aluminum with a very clean, and finish Shadow Line window to participate in a body-color rear diffuser. Inside, wrapped M sport steering wheel and pedals are standard equipment stainless Dakota leather seats with blue contrast stitching.

New iPhone 5 Design, Created by Michal Bonikowski

We have seen so many iPhones five concepts that we can not follow them, but now here is something new that Michal Bonikowski. This new model does not bring many changes to the iPhone 4 and its structure resembles more or less a combination of both, and somehow the iPad HTC HD7.

New iPhone 5 Design, Created by Michal Bonikowski

5 The iPhone is a combined all-metal, with aluminum, steel frame and most likely a Retina display with mounted diagonally. In addition, we learn that the most important functions have moved from mechanical sensory. I guess the first of September we will know how Michael was the real thing, but in the meantime we have this concept to watch.

Windows Phone 7 Apollo Innovative Interface

It's been a while since I wrote about the major concepts Jozef Kocur, but that does not mean he stopped working on them. It is true that I was pretty lazy to not write about some of his ideas, Jozef so sorry. Well now I have something really juicy for you: Windows 7 Interface Concept Phone Apollo.

Windows Phone 7 Apollo Innovative Interface   Heres How It Could Be
His idea is to imitate the style of Windows 8 Windows Mobile Apollo (Mango current), with colored tiles. These colors are created automatically, or you can shake the phone to be able to edit them. The image below is about multitasking, and the concept called SmartView, is also shown that the last image, as part of Windows 8.

Tron Phone Concept

Tron Phone Concept, Based on the Movie With the Same Name
Raul Galindo always liked the world of Tron, and after seeing the film of the same name, created the Tron Phone. His idea is to create a digital world of computers, but the phone has been changed at this time.

Tron Phone Concept, Based on the Movie With the Same Name

The handset is 7 mm thick, with a touch screen of 4 inches (it is very clear) and three buttons that can be used to answer and end calls and access the menu. There is also an optical trackpad on board, two cameras (front / rear) with dual xenon flash, stereo speakers and a microSD slot. The screen on smartphones uses technology similar to AMOLED, according to Raul.

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7

When Nokia WP7 loss of unit yesterday, Sea Ray codenamed ', it's time for professional use Photoshop to capture and reveal their abilities. So, have created the following mockup that shows the model Sea Ray. The idea was born

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 Handset Gets Fresh Mockup

This model is the twin brother of the Nokia N9, except that it comes with a button on the camera equipment and flash LED is placed in another location (the target). In addition, the user interface replaces the Metro MeeGo interface and we are very curious to see the buttons in the search, and again from the phone Windows have been ...

Xperia Mix Phone is the First Android 4.0

Esato board designed kewsvnet Mix Xperia, Sony Ericsson concept that perhaps only the first Android 4.0 device I've seen. This model also known as Ice Cream Sandwich OS and packages of attractive features, such as Qualcomm Snap Dragon Dual Core processor and 1 GB of RAM.

Xperia Mix Phone is the First Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Device

64GB of internal memory to store all your music and video files, but not before 3.2 OLED capacitive touch screen, the Sony Ericsson Xperia mix with the body of carbon fiber, slide-out keyboard, the LED and the active input 8-megapixel camera with Exmor R HD video recording. There is also a secondary 1.3 megapixel on the front.

Nokia N9 Lannku Leaked Ahead of CommunicAsia 2011!

Nokia N9 has just been released, thanks to the guys that provide news PocketNow as hitting with a device called Lannku (or is Lankku?). This unit could be presented in a few hours at the Nokia Connection 2011 event included in CommunicAsia 2011. Here is the newcomer:

Nokia N9 Lannku Leaked Ahead of CommunicAsia 2011!
It is rumored that the N9 comes with a touchscreen candybar design, the glasses in pink, black and blue packets of a 8-megapixel camera. No QWERTY keyboard here, but what we have is a QHD resolution and the fact that the model works Harmattan Meegan. Tonight it's more exciting. Are we witnessing the break is committed to Nokia in the market?

Nokia W3 is a Dual Core Windows Phone

Nokia W3 is a Dual Core Windows Phone Mango Smartphone With 12MP Camera:
Matthew Richards recently showed a new concept phone from Nokia with Windows OS Mango on board, the W3 model. Nokia W3 has the appeal of a modern smartphone, it comes with a dual-core processor, a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics technology and more.

Nokia W3 is a Dual Core Windows Phone Mango Smartphone With 12MP Camera

This device packs an HDMI port, 16GB of internal memory, a microSD card slot (optional 32 GB) and a 2-megapixel front camera. All services that are specific to Nokia (Maps, shop, music) is integrated into the handset, with some using a hub that specializes in Nokia Phone Windows 7 Regarding the design, call buttons and Touch End Call to be separated by a touch of the region with custom features.

This is an interesting model, which is certainly less cumbersome than some other Windows phone concepts I've seen.

iPhone 5 Fresh Design Features

Brieux Antoine is back with a new concept, this time a 5 iPhone, which comes with an LED message board on the new front of the unit. The camera lens is a new position (near the edge of the back of the Apple phone), so the user can easily access iOS 5-function button to take pictures with the Volume button.

iPhone 5 Fresh Design Features a New LED Notifications Panel

Brieux Antoine is back with a new concept, this time a five iPhone comes with a range of new notifications LED on the front of the camera. The camera lens is a new position (near the edge of the back of the Apple phone), allowing users easy access to the IOS 5 depending on the picture with the volume button.

Smart wristwatch concept

Smart wristwatch concept checks alcohol level in your blood – perfect for the drink cautious:
We saw all kinds of smart watches the last few years, and after seeing the watches, which can check messages and missed calls, we have to consider that can be checked in BAC (blood alcohol content).

This watch is designed by Tokyo Flash, but so far it's just an idea. Despite this watch looks great, but the best thing about it is that you can check your blood alcohol immediately.
All you have to do to check is to remove the alcohol side of the cap and blow the clock. To see the best results, the screen is always on and it's multi-color backlighting, which is activated by a touch-sensitive button on the lamp. After that, this time to show how you're unconscious on the screen, so you can easily keep track of your alcohol level.
[via Slash Gear]

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