Samsung S9110 A Latest Look Phone

Samsung S9110 watchphone
Samsung S9110 I always thought that if there was a wristphone that could change their minds about the idea, it would GD910 LG. But I was wrong seems that Samsung has announced the wristphone S9110, which looks like a better deal than that is yet to be released GD910. The S9110 has a 1.76 inch 262k color display with touch screen, 40MB of internal memory (no word on enlargement), Bluetooth 2.1, speakerphone, mp3 player, and Outlook email synchronization mail. Sounds like a good deal for a right watchphone? Yeah, that's the case, but Samsung has gone one step further and insert it all in a body that is 11.98 mm thick, making it, according to the company, the thinner the cellular world to touch screen. Available in France later this month at a price of 450 € (approx. $ 639). via

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