Windows Phone 7 on Nokia Smartphone

Windows Phone 7 on Nokia Smartphone, Just a Concept So Far 
Frustrated with the lack of quality of Symbian, even in its latest versions people started dreaming about running Android or Windows Phone 7 on Nokia handsets. Right now we’ve got a poster in London showing Nokia devices running Android, but that was an error of the people making the posters… Now let’s see how Windows Phone 7 looks on a Finnish smartphone!

Multiple OS’s on a Smartphone

Project 1

The Smartphone market is definitely going to be more competitive in 2011 with five platforms competing for the crown, but designers Michal Bonikowski and Rafal Pilat feel there’s no need to choose just one so they’ve come up with three concepts sure to appease most of you. Project one is an HTC model that can run multiple operating system (not gonna happen) but an intriguing idea nonetheless. I’d actually go for a phone like that. Projects 2 and 3 are more standard fare. Hit the jump

Fancy Colors and an Icon Case for iPhone

 The antenna issue of the iPhone 4 is legendary and making light of the situation is the Icon iPhone Case with its not-so-subtle antenna extension! On second thoughts it’s a stark reminder of those bulky phones we used to use. Anyways if the icon doesn’t catch your fancy, you can splurge on the colorful hues of the Iro Cases. Incidentally Iro means “color” in Japanese and love the taxi version! More after the break...

Palm Peak – Sprint 4G Design

Palm Peak   Sprint 4G Design That Borrows from the iPhone
Note: There is a rating embedded within this post, please visit this post to rate it.The iPhone 4 and Palm Pre met half way and the Palm Peak concept was born with the aid of designer Steve Lipson. Before we detail the device, we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and wish the best of luck to the designers who helped us create this wonderful website.

ZTE Double Phone Wins Red Dot Design Award

The following ZTE Corporation design is an award winner, having received the Red Dot Concept Design prize. Known as the Double Phone, this handset has solar cells across its front side and comes with a 360 degree rotating hinge.

Tron Watch - Glowy Goodness

Tron Watch - Glowy Goodness: Designer: Abhinav Dapke

Palm C40 Mockup

Palm C40 Mockup Comes With 4.3 Inch Touch Display, Snapdragon CPU, WiMAX
Part of the Palm Pre design competition, the Palm C40 mockup was created by David Vogt and it comes with an appealing set of specs. These include a 4.3 inch capacitive touch display (OLED 480 x 800 WVGA) and a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU. We’re not going you to bore with common features, so let’s learn more about the most interesting ones, after the short break.

XPERIA X4 Transparent Display Phone

Sony Ericsson already has a transparent display phone out there, but here’s a new XPERIA concept, the X4, with a 4 inch transparent screen. Made by Frank Tobias, the device comes with a 10 megapixel camera with LED flash at the back and a 2MP cam videocall camera upfront.

A New Slide Phone

New Slide Phone -

Mobile phone, mobile phone, how many of you are there, oh you mobile phone? There are infinite iterations of the tiny communicator, the cellular, the mobile, and there are infinite ways to illustrate them. The folks at FORMBOTEN have here a lovely collapsable phone they like to call “Scope.” It can be closed for simple navigation or open for dialing numbers or keying in letters. Pop it open with a tap of the finger, or lock it in place for pocket riding.

HD cellular - mobile phone with a lovely shape

Hello high definition. Four awesome designers bring you an HD cellular / mobile phone with a lovely shape, a flat screen with the highest definition, and most excellently, a fabulous presentation. This is the “Gravity Series” phone concept and it “offers HD technology within the dimensions of your pocket.” Of course, if you’ve got those pants that have the notebook sized pockets, it might be better to go with that, but this one is lighter, despite the title of this post.

XPERIA Renovatio Elite

Jozef Kocúr plans on showing us more shots of the Sony Ericsson One Windows Phone 7 device. The first one is a testimony to its gaming features, with the device being able to run Need for Speed: Shift and all, while the second image shows the smartphone in black and white versions.More after the break...

Nokia N8-01 Touch and Play Concept N8 (Video)

Many people are discontent with the current Nokia N8, so they dream about changing the handset and improving its specifications. Iffan Morasilp from Thailand stopped dreaming and started designing, so he created the Nokia N8-01 Touch and Play handset. You’ll learn the specs of the concept after the break.

Windows Slate 7, a Windows Phone 7 Tablet or a Portable Gizmo

Jozef Kocúr designed a very appealing tablet called the Windows Slate 7, a device doesn’t seem to bear any other branding than the one of Microsoft. This internally made slate could be running a modified version of Windows Phone 7, as shown here, since this is certainly not the Windows 7 desktop version we all know.
We wouldn’t mind if this were the Windows 8 tablet that some people were mentioning as CES 2011 material… Josef promised to reveal details and specs in the following days and we’re certainly hoping for dual core and 10.1 inch action over here…
[via jozefkocur]

Kissing Phone - Affectionate Handset Kisses You (Video)

Although this concept may sound creepy to us, it’s serious business, since the design of the “smooching phone” was shown at the TED event in Berlin. Design researcher Fabian Hemmert did the presentation, that you can see below, in order to be creeped out for yourselves... Watch video after the break...

SimpleSee Cellphone


British designer Emma Caddick created a cellphone concept dubbed the SimpleSee, meant to reach the hands and pockets of visually impaired users. Elderly people will also be able to use this unit, that will make their life easier.  More images after the break...

Braille Phone Concept Voim Helps the Blind Communicate

We’re back with a smartphone concept for the blind, dubbed the Voim, which means seeing in Korean. The device includes word recognition features, object identifications and route navigation. These are displayed as Braille language on the silicon screen of the handset. More images after the break...

Apple Concept Console Sounds Reasonable Right Now

Since Apple have enough billions of dollars to purchase Sony, why wouldn’t they create a console like the device below? This design is the Apple iPlay, a gaming console created back in 2003 by Michael Giles. You’ve got to admit that it was a pretty futuristic product at that time, very much inspired by Macs. More images after the break...

Samsung Gloria Tablet Slider Mockup Could be the Future

Samsung Gloria Tablet Slider Mockup Could be the Future
Samsung wants to revolutionize the tablet segment, by launching a slate with a sliding keyboard, one that might look like the mockup below. This is the Samsung Gloria, a device that will become real in the near future and it might run Windows 7.
Samsung Gloria is supposed to feature a 10 inch touchscreen, a full QWERTY sliding keyboard and we should expect it on the market in March or April 2011. By the looks of it, the tablet concept comes with a front camera, possibly one at the back and a pretty cool nav pad.
[via tablet news]

Nokia N10 MeeGo Handset, not That Futuristic (Video)

Actually, the Nokia N10 MeeGo phone might become real in a matter of months, so it’s a bit unfair to call this design a concept. The idea of the phone below belongs to Peter Lackman, who created the Nokia N10, based on Nokia and Intel’s jointly developed platform.

Palm Chronos – Pair That With Your WebOS Phone!

Part of the Palm Pre 2 design competition, the Palm Chronos was an interesting submission, a watch concept able to pair with any webOS device via Bluetooth. This will come in handy, especially if you already own a Palm tablet and smartphone.
All the notifications are shown on the 1.5 inch color E-Ink capacitive touchscreen and you can control the apps from your wrist. Also, this watch is capable of wireless charging.
[via precentral]

Time and Memories watch concept

Time and Memories watch concept: Designer: Wonjune Song

Apple iPhone Nano, All that Love, Smaller Screen

Well, the Apple iPhone Nano is basically the iPhone 4 with a smaller screen and iOS 4.2 on board. So we’re dealing with a 2.9 inch handset, capable of multitasking and multitouch.
Its display supports a 780 x 480 pixel resolution and the specs list of this iPhone concept also includes WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, 3G+ connectivity, GPS and a 5MP camera with flash. 720p video capture is also among the features, as well as 16/32GB of internal memory and a Sensor Home button.
What do you say? Can this device created by Joy Studios become real?

“The Hour” - By Jones Watches

 “The Hour” - By Jones Watches: Mr. Jones Watches just released “The Hour” watch. Each hour of the day is revealed by a cutout with words that have particular meaning to Mr. Obree. For example, the 12 o’clock position reveals the numbers 52.713 which is the distance Obree covered to win the world cycling championship in 1995. Inspired by Obree’s flare for the unconventional, the watch uses design cues normally reserved for children’s watches. It’s playful, allows for intricate illustrations, yet very professional and functional. If you want one, act fast. It’s just one watch in the Masters of Time series by Mr. Jones and it’ll run ya £145. More images after the break..

Hovering Cellphone Creates 3D Image by Spinning

We had to do a bit of reading before showing you this concept, since it’s not as easy to figure out as it sounds. We’re dealing with a hovering cellphone concept, created by In-oh Yoo and Sun-woong Oh for the Metatrend Institute. This is a handset that’s able to spin in mid-air and the device is very closely in contact with its cradle.

The concept is basically a sleek candybar phone, looking a bit like a combo between the iPhone and some Android models. This hovering unit supports wireless charging and we learn that its design is streamlined and thin. Magnets are placed in the cradle and there’s a magnetic stick pulled away from the column, making the handset float.

Sony Ericsson Tablet With Windows 7 on Board Needs a Name

Frank Tobias is back with another tablet bearing the Sony Ericsson branding, but this time no specific name. The device runs Windows 7, comes with a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, 4GB of RAM, 300GB of internal memory and a Intel i5 processor. HD video capture is also on the specs list. What do you think?
[via link]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X12 Based on Tegra 2 and Android 3.0

Before you ask what the price of this device is, remember that this is an XPERIA concept and not a real device. The XPERIA X12 shown in the following image runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb and comes with a 4 inch Retina Display. This design was created by Esato board user hydro-
At the back of the handset there’s a 16MP camera and the X12 comes with Bang&Olufsen surround sound speakers, multitouch support, Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU and aluminum casing. That displays sure reminds me of BRAVIA material… is it just me?
[via Esato]

Multimedia features with Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung smartphone S Galaxy Is Now available in the UK.
The O2 Samsung Galaxy starts from S we have as little £ 16.87 A Month With A free handset - And The leather flip case included. Followings in the Footsteps of The Original android mobile phone, The Samsung S Galaxy has a Slightly Smaller screen (3.2 inches versus 3.3 inches) and a Reduced screen quality - That Is To Say, It Is a bright display but not The Advanced Super AMOLED vibrancy Of The first phone.
The internal camera Is The Same 5-megapixel snapper of The First Wave Samsung, though, and Comes With autofocus, flash and video support. And sharing is the Galaxy is easy thanks to S Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and plenty of apps for social networking including. If music is important to you was handset, you'll Appreciate The 723's Digital Natural Sound Engine (DNSe) technology and 3.5mm audio connector.

Amazing Handsets Nokia C7 and HTC Desire Z

The two new smart phones have landed networks desirable important as Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone UK and are now available for purchase in various agreements.
Both the QWERTY-touting HTC Desire Z ^ 3 and the Symbian based Nokia C7 are now on Vodafone UK.
If you are tempted by any of the devices, I'll just give a quick overview of its main features. Naturally, for the Z desire of its outstanding features is its sliding keyboard so you can mix as a message - sometimes touching the screen of 3.7 inches, while at other times, writing in the physical keyboard. Designed as the most high-end smart phones to social networking and entertainment will find plenty of support for sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as music and video.
One thing that may surprise, however, is the price - the desire to Vodafone Z offers from £ 35 a month for a free phone rates.

New Nokia E7 launching dalayed until January 2011

A new Stylish Nokia E7 will be published in the United Kingdom at a slightly higher price of 585 GBP unt. Overall, we're not too surprised that the combined cost an arm and a leg unless the Symbian is really your thing, this is a purchase that would need careful study before jumping in . At the very least, try the device before deciding it is for you.
Of course, the E7 has its own characteristics as well. The new device OS is refreshing to use for all those who are tired of the IOS and Android platforms. The sliding QWERTY keyboard shows a great online and four great aesthetics. Overall, the E7 is certainly worthwhile for anyone verify smartphones.

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