Knot Home Tablet

Knot Home Tablet Features 7 Inch Screen, Multiple Functions:
Knot is a tablet for use in multifunctional interior lets the user surf the internet, watch TV, listen to music and more. The device is a mere concept right now, packing a 7 inch screen, support for stew and wireless capabilities via a wireless accessory.

Knot Home Tablet Features 7 Inch Screen, Multiple Functions
You can connect up node to a TV or projector, use it to access the Internet or to build on its USB ports and HDMI connection. There is also a front and rear camera on board, most 2W speaker and 3.5mm audio jack. capacitive buttons and scrolling effect haptic take care of navigation. Use of this sexy stylish gadget to manage your house looks like a pretty easy thing to do. More images and info after the break...

Ecopad Tablet Design

Ecopad Tablet Design Uses no External Power Source for Charging:
What about the tablet, which is environmentally friendly as it gets? Kim Jun-lo, God created slate and Yonggu Eunha Seo Ecopad, pictured below and does not use any external power source, but is based on piezoelectric nano-film, which brings the power of each, or by pressing on the screen.

Ecopad Tablet Design Uses no External Power Source for Charging
The device has an LCD screen and I think that goes a little light as honeycombs OS or operating system Chrome. After listening on the phones carried by the user's voice, now that ... load through touch. Japan also intends to cover all its buildings with solar panels in the coming years. I like the direction we're going with the environment using technology and we hope that will not remain a single concept. More images and info after the break...

Kyocera Showcases New Concepts

Kyocera phone game of double Echo was one of the most talked about phone models that Asian corporate events. However, Kyocera also other interesting concepts presented. One of them is Merlin, and below is based on using a combination of augmented reality goggles and headphones.
Kyocera Showcases New Concepts, Based on Augmented Reality, Shifting Materials and Big Speakers
This phone can not duplicate the content of audio and visual information for the object. Next, there is UFO Kyocera mobile phone, the device includes a fully touch screen and the sporting side, which can be controlled through the user interface and other functions do not need to touch the center of the screen. More images and info after the break...

Rotary Dial Phone Design Comes from India!

Today we'll show a particular designer phone in India and the packaging of a rotary switch. This unity of the old school was founded by Mukund PK and helps us go back in time and use of the rotation mechanism as a means of call numbers, which is pretty raw and fresh.
Rotary Dial Phone Design Comes from India!
There is also a sliding QWERTY keyboard built into the phone and most likely a small touch screen.More image and info after the break...

Dell Splinter Tablet

Dell Splinter is a Tablet With Two Detachable Units:
If you ever felt too burdened when a laptop computer, mobile phone and camera, the solution may come through a device such as Dell Splinter. It is an innovative tablet design, created by Chris Corrigan and groups and comes with two removable drives with the small image below.
Dell Splinter is a Tablet With Two Detachable Units
This small device can be configured for a device, ranging from the calculator, MP3 player and even a Skype phone. The largest unit can function as a laptop with a Quick Start functionality and supports third-party software and hardware for the pleasure of may types of users. To release the tiniest secondary device whenever you want, and even remotely control larger. More images and info after the break...

Origin Intelligent Chinese Tablet

Origin Intelligent Chinese Tablet Helps You Master the Chinese Language:
No more nice features, go to something that is useful! We are talking about Chinese intelligence platform that helps you learn Chinese and comes with a pen, a map and a translation sight translation.
Origin Intelligent Chinese Tablet Helps You Master the Chinese Language
This device is a Lotto winner and is compatible with English, French, German, Spanish-speaking countries and Portuguese. product form is a reminder of the ink stone and brush in Chinese culture (Four treasures of study). The display of translation is particularly interesting because it translates the images we see in words and in real time, both in Chinese and the language of the user. via

Dual Display MID

Dual Display MID Integrates Google, Social Networking:
Given the tablets are gadgets fashion at the moment, we can not forget that two years ago MID were very good, too. With a blast from the recent past is a design exhibition and MID Koun Choi, a portable dual built around a Google search application dedicated.
Dual Display MID Integrates Google, Social Networking
If you close the unit, the upper half shows a translucent screen with the return of real life social networking services. MID is 20 mm thick and uses OLED technology to its screens. Given that we are dealing here with a translucent screen, one can easily say that augmented reality would be nice to spend, especially with a camera mounted on the back of the screen. More image after the break...

Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot Yiko Only Design!

Do you remember when our website and a lot of other sites are excited about the new phone in the release of Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot? Well, we refused, because this was a concept created by Shane A. Bygrave now the details of his work in the following pictures.
We Fell for It! Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot Yiko is Only a Design!
Known as the Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot Yiko, the device behaves like a typical individually Android SE. The device comes with 16 megapixel camera with Exmor R-technique and a powerful flash. Form Factor Portable Xperia reminds me of the Arc, particularly in the form Yiko curves and its low thickness. More images and info after the break...

Another Fresh Concept Cellphone From Finland!

Tommy Incrosnatu, the same man who created this incredible concept of Nokia phone, designed by the following arrangement can see below. He has collaborated with artists from Oula Runila Micah and my God, even if the underlying image is Shawn Palmquist. As you can see, we are very modern smartphone user interface here, the simplified graphics.
Another Fresh Concept Cellphone Straight From Finland!
This concept was created to raise awareness of the beauty of Finnish nature and the result is a TV clip of 60 seconds, according to Tommy. We can only guess that we're seeing here is a very nice design for your Nokia mobile phone in the future, in which the user interface, which reminds me a bit Meego and the Start menu, which is a bit 'as a HTC Sense. More images and info after the break...

Nokia N8-01 Phone

Nokia N8-01 Uses 16MP Camera, Dual core 1.2GHz CPU:
The series of concepts Nokia continues, this time with a device called the Nokia N8-01 in BlackIdea. The unit comes with realistic specifications that include a 4-inch AMOLED screen with Clear Black Super Dragon Trail technology and safety glass.
Nokia N8 01 Uses 16MP Camera, Dual core 1.2GHz CPU
Nokia N8-01 runs on Symbian and PR3.0/Belle ^ 3, and its most impressive feature is the 16 megapixel camera with autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics and the True Zoom technology. There is also a Xenon flash is a combination of both a 3.2 megapixel camera in front of the feature facelock. The budget also includes a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, 1 GB hard disk, 32 GB of memory and a microSD slot.

HDMI and Dolby Digital sound complete list of specifications. Nothing new in the design of this Nokia phone, but maybe we can learn more about the newcomers for the future Nokia event in Athens. via

Nokia W10 Prototype Runs Windows Phone 7.5

Nokia W10 Prototype Runs Windows Phone 7.5, Packs a 15MP camera:
We saw the Nokia Symbian X10 Anna prototype here and now we have the same device but with a different operating system. Nokia Phone W10 runs on Windows 7.5, supports quad-LTE and 4G. It has four stereo speakers and a Super Plus AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 4.5 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.
Nokia W10 Prototype Runs Windows Phone 7.5, Packs a 15MP camera
TV output is also on board via HDMI, and a 15MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, xenon flash and dual full HD 1080p video capture at 30 frames per second. There is also a front 5MP camera with xenon flash and face recognition. CPU on Nokia W10 is a camera quad-core 2GHz, more than enough to run Windows phone, to be honest. More images and info after the break...

iPod Cloud, the Next-Gen Media Player

iPod Cloud, the Next-Gen Media Player With Streaming Music Support:
Apple music service to come, supposedly dubbed icloud could launch a new iPod, if speculation is correct. Meanwhile, Electricpig created a model of the next generation of the iPod photo below. There is also a reference to Apple's new flight service in the latest version of Mac OS X Lion - "Castle."
iPod Cloud, the Next Gen Media Player With Streaming Music Support
If Apple's music service streaming icloud castle is called or not, I do not know, but I do know that Apple has a huge database of loan center for this service. We're talking more than 500,000 square feet of servers used to store your music and make unnecessary internal memory for the new concept of Cloud iPod. More images and info after the break...

Vespa Redesign by Niklas Wagner

Free-standing designer Niklas Wagner Vespa frame concept combines the classic curves of "Twist & Go scooter with modern minimalism to create a futuristic design, which also gives a nod to its origins. The instrument panel is also embedded in the reform of the LED display, but reflects the simplicity of a classic chrome and transparent plastic style of the original dashboard.

Designer: Niklas Wagner

Samsung Galaxy X Concept

Samsung Galaxy X Concept Packs the Same Specs of the Galaxy S II Plus a 12MP Camera:
Long-Nong Huang imagined Samsung Galaxy extra features of the S II and called it the Samsung Galaxy X. This phone uses the same 1.2 GHz dual core, 4-inch AMOLED display Super Plus and 768 of RAM, but an additional feature is the 12 megapixel camera is able to describe the video in HD.

Samsung Galaxy X Concept Packs the Same Specs of the Galaxy S II Plus a 12MP Camera
The phone measures 8.9 mm thick, and it would be a good addition to the series already increasingly Samsung Galaxy. All that's missing now is a music phone, because we already have a camera phone and a super smart phone in this series.

Flexible Notebook Concept by Hao-Chun Huang

I define the concept of technology glutton, because I can not put aside the most weird and speculative characteristics, in the hope that one day, make this progress and sexy, the rule psycho gadget! My hope is kept alive in such concepts as Flexbook that the main characteristics of sport as a flexible joint that allows you to fold and set the laptop to become a Tablet PC or a laptop in a jiffy.

Specs include a waterproof keypad, swappable rubber skins, 21:9 – 180-degree swivel touch screen that make it an eBook, tablet and notebook in one go. I’m so happy! More images after the break...

Nokia C9 Concept Runs Windows Phone 7.5

Nokia C9 Concept Runs Windows Phone 7.5, Includes Ovi Store in Metro UI:
Shihuzaan created a brand new Nokia concept C9 below that is running Windows 7.5 Phone OS Mango. This device resembles the iPhone 4, or rather the 5 iPhone, given the edges of small and big screen. Some compare it to Galaxy Samsung handset, but you'll be the judge.

Nokia C9 Concept Runs Windows Phone 7.5, Includes Ovi Store in Metro UI
As the specifications are concerned, this phone uses a 4-inch AMOLED CBD, a quad-core A9 processor and 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. There is also an advantage of 2-megapixel camera and Ovi store on the phone is loaded into the tube interface and Ovi Maps and Opera Mobile 11. You can get a tile view, and a classic WP7 application list, which is standard on Android.

Nokia X10 Symbian Anna/Belle Concept

Nokia X10 Symbian Anna/Belle Concept is a Quad-Core Phone With 15MP Camera:
Nando Sang Putra created two prototypes beautiful Nokia, Nokia and W10 X10, both below. Today is the first, Anna is perhaps Symbian or follow-up Belle. The phones are exactly alike physically, but with minor differences in specs.
Nokia X10 Symbian Anna/Belle Concept is a Quad Core Phone With 15MP Camera
Nokia Concept X10 supports quad-band connectivity, 4G, LTE, stereo speakers packs of four and a Super Clear Black AMOLED, show more than 4.5 inch diagonal and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The display is protected by technology Dragontrail crystal display and a list of specifications of this monster also has a 15MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, xenon flash and geotagging double. More images and info after the break...

Xperia Grip Phone Features Bravia LED Display

User angad2050 by Esat board recently published Grip Xperia concept of on-line device, which looks pretty hot. For me it is a strong thread, and I'm curious to see the Android 3.0 honeycomb between the glasses, in particular, Google I / O-2011 is coming and probably will be the smartphone 's nest bee.

Xperia Grip Phone Features Bravia LED Display, Android 3.0
Sony Ericsson Xperia Grip design includes a 4.2-inch Sony Bravia Mobile LED Display, 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of Snapdragon RAM. There is also a 10 megapixel camera with autofocus and support for 720p HD recording, while the GPS and WiFi complete list specs. The shape of the unit is very ergonomic and I can not help thinking that this is one of the downed aircraft ... VIA

Windows Phone 7 Nokia Concept Brings Symbian Anna Looks

Who better to design a concept of Nokia phone to a Finn? Tommy Incrosnatu showed us the incredible design of Windows 7 phone below, which he created with Symbian Anna in mind, at least when it comes to icons. Tommy was not satisfied with Metro unemployment insurance, so he added a little twist to the Nokia experience together.

Windows Phone 7 Nokia Concept Brings Symbian Anna Looks, Finnish Design
Buttons on the unit were eliminated because they were considered unnecessary and easily replaceable by multitouch gestures. The designer says that the concept phone is pure fiction, and we must give credit, because images of background: The studios Vetpan - Siebe Warmoeskerken (first) and Denis Travin (for another ).

ATV Bike By Alexei Mikhailov

Besides the buttons speaker, microphone, answer and end, this phone does not stick to sports other functions, and it is absolutely what the phone is supposed to do: allow the user to interact with other people, while that the tablet does the rest, replacing a desktop system.

Designer: Alexei Mikhailov

HTC Stick Concept Is Compressed Inside The Tube Response HTC

Remember the HTC Tube tablet concept? Well, Antoine Brieux continue his creations with an interesting accessory, this smartphone tablet: Stick secondary functions of the telephone. The device is used only to respond to a tablet called the Tube.

HTC Stick Phone Concept is the Answer Inside the HTC Tube Tablet
Besides the buttons speaker, microphone, answer and end, this phone does not stick to sports other functions, and it is absolutely what the phone is supposed to do: allow the user to interact with other people, while that the tablet does the rest, replacing a desktop system.

Tima concept watch

Tima was the original concept designer Julien Bergignat, but now he is back with a sporty overhaul. Features include digital and analog displays options that work simultaneously. Face broad and integrated applications facilitate access almost any social media right of the screen. This shows e-paper is the ultimate social sports tracker! Not bad looking either.

Designer: Julien Bergignat for Jonathan Cohlmeyer

More images after the break...

Crowd Notebook Concept

Crowd Notebook Concept is Two iPads With a Hinge Between Them:
The idea behind this laptop first concept is the union of two boards with touch screen with a hinge and call a laptop. The result is the host laptop, designed by Philip Schaake, part of the German team Sense Studio.
Crowd Notebook Concept is Two iPads With a Hinge Between Them
Colors of interface elements allow you to interact with the device reminds us a little Star Trek and Tron. The host cell is capable of separating into two modules, two tablets feet touch this way. This concept has been a runner in the Fujitsu Design Award 2011 competition.

I do not know the fun of this interface will appeal to serious users, but it would certainly be a great tool for DJs and people with multimedia needs. Socialization and avatars are also the subject of this notebook, which are chatting, messaging and web browsing. via

Nokia Oro - 18-carat gold phone

If you are looking for a flashy mobile phone that will make others envious, Nokia might have the solution for you, not like the Finnish phonemaker free phones like them, but we believe that this might not be just an isolated case.

This Nokia phone is called Oro and it comes with 3G and WiFi support, 3.5-inch AMOLED screen and an 8 megapixel camera that is capable of recording 720p video. Regarding operating stills Oro Nokia comes with Symbian OS, but this is not the reason why this phone is so special. What makes this product unique is its appearance. Nokia Oro has an outer coating is 18K gold, sapphire crystal and leather. As you can see, it is very expensive phone, and only a privileged few can afford.

Nokia Gold is for the Middle East and Russia, but is available in several European countries, China and the Middle East in the third quarter. Regarding the price, it is estimated that the asking price is € 800 ($ 1,126), which actually is not too expensive when compared with the likes of the iPhone, high-capacity 4, but gold is more bling.via

Hubless Bike Concept By Sylvain Gerber

I’ve seen a handful of hubless concept bikes but the Synapse Bike goes one further with integrated electric motors to assist the rider. The design opens up the entire bike, giving the designer control over structural elements (in this case, lack thereof). It’s minimal, elegant, slightly aggressive, but overall dynamic. It’s like riding on no support structure at all.

Designer: Sylvain Gerber

RevOlve Kinetic Phone

RevOlve Kinetic Phone Makes You Spin, Spin, Spin…
I'm the kind of person who gave him the clothes on her finger when they get bored and I bet some of you too ... What about power generation through this action? The idea is to play with your kinetic Revolution, that loads when you turn around a finger on the hole he understands.

RevOlve Kinetic Phone Makes You Spin, Spin, Spin...
It is an ecological system, it is also ergonomic and removed without damage to Mother Nature. The skull and parts of the device can be recycled separately and we certainly hope that designers, even if the risk of losing your phone when its speed increases spinning ... I do not want to hurt anyone, right?

HTC Flyer tablet available at Best Buy on May 22 for $500

HTC Flyer is a new portable 7-inch WiFi Android tablet. Available exclusively at Best Buy, the official date of dispatch of the tablet is 22 May for $ 500.

HTC Flyer equipped with 16GB of internal memory, features Android OS 2.3 of gingerbread, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, 7-inch touch screen with 1024 x 600, a 1.3 MP camera with autofocus and more . HTC group Best Buy Flyer costs $ 500. Delivered without excluding the stylus, with an additional cost of $ 80, which is crucial to use all the special features.
[via Best Buy]

Feno Folding Notebook Flexes the Display Muscle

Designed by Niels van Hoof, folding laptop concept Feno includes a hinge on the screen, unlike the usual features of folding, with a hinge between the screen and keyboard. There is also a window with the mouse in the mix and certainly would look good if the project fell to a new Sony Vaio.

Feno Folding Notebook Flexes the Display Muscle

This technique has a drawback: it is difficult to make a hinge joint at the center of the screen, even with the modern technologies available. Also, why choose this laptop in Windows and Android, Chrome, or even OS MeeGo? And why not go for the touch screen keyboard, too, since we here?

Sony PlayStation Tablets Confirmed: S1 and S2 Run Honeycomb

Sony PlayStation Tablets Confirmed: S1 and S2 Run Honeycomb, Coming for Christmas:
After speculation PlayStation tablets, these devices they were yesterday, when Sony confirmed the launch of these devices around Christmas. The new models are Sony and Sony S2 S1, the first fairly standard design, while the second takes a double look as Kyocera Echo.

Sony PlayStation Tablets Confirmed: S1 and S2 Run Honeycomb, Coming for Christmas

Both devices are running Android 3.0 honeycomb and S1 comes with a 9.4 inches screen, WiFi, 3G/4G connectivity options and a custom interface. PlayStation aid is displayed on two new commissions, but the control is on screen and virtual, in contrast to the portable consoles launched by Sony so far. Sony S2 packs dual 5.5-inch diagonal screen and a Tegra processor 2, and S1.

Deckster iPod nano Time Piece

There are a handful of iPod accessories that transform a venerable nano right to look at, but they all come with warnings. I appreciate the designers not only deal with the aesthetic values ​​of the design, manufacture, but also the ethos of their request. Husband and wife from Canada are already working on the first draft CKIE Deckster iPod Nano Time Piece. Their goal? Create nano bracelets combines high quality design that has affected all the carefully crafted of sustainable packaging. We must help them do it!

LG Paper Touch Phone Unfolds Four Times

LG Paper Touch Phone Unfolds Four Times, Becomes a Tablet:
Can you imagine a phone that behaves like a piece of paper? Well, the LG Touch phone is a phone book so unique, it can be done four times, each time to provide different uses. Four times with the support and folds resulting elastomer are coupled together.
LG Paper Touch Phone Unfolds Four Times, Becomes a Tablet
When the LG concept is completely exposed, it allows the user to see an OLED display which is useful for web browsing, video chat and reading e-books. Folded, the gadget is a simple phone, but then completely folded, it becomes a kind of a laptop with multimedia integration. More images and info after the break...

Elgato Tivizen wireless mobile TV tuner

Elgato Tivizen wireless mobile TV tuner turns your iPhone into a mobile TV:
You may have heard about TV tuner cards before, you can watch TV on your PC or laptop. If you like watching TV and love Apple products, there is good news for you. This time, Elgato (Tivizen) launched a TV tuner in pocket format that lets you watch your favorite programs on your iPhone and iPad on the fly.

The Elgato Tivizen has a free  iOS app, which will wirelessly enable your iPhone or iPad devices to receive TV signals over WiFi. It also allows your Windows or Mac devices to receive these TV signals.
The Elgato Tivizen is basically a digital TV tuner, which works with DVB-T/Freeview digital TV standard. It has an ARM9 RISC decoder and a battery operates for up to 3.5 hours of TV streaming.
If you order the Tivizen package, you will also get the Elgato EyeTV 3 and THC apps which allow it to run on Mac and Windows computers respectively. The Tivizen costs around $250 USD, you can grab it from Elgato via

Peugeot EX1 Car Concept

Peugeot EX1 Concept sets new electric car record at Nürburgring:
Super electric cars "are becoming increasingly popular, although it can never replace gasoline animals we see today. But here is an example of what these technologies in electric cars are capable of. EX1 Concept Peugeot has set a new record for an electric car, the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Stéphane Caillet took only 9 minutes and seconds in the turn around of 1,338 electric 20.8 km Nordschleife track (12 miles). The car achieved an average speed of 138.324 km / h (85.9 mph) on the track. More images after the break...

Windows Phone 8 Meets Sony Ericsson

Windows Phone 8 Meets Sony Ericsson on Xperia Leon 2GHz Dual Core Smartphone:
Windows Phone 8 is not something we’re familiar with and we can only imagine that it will be a fantastic OS.  Victor Cao created the Sony Ericsson Xperia Leon, an incredible device, with a dual core 2GHz processor and a futuristic WP version.
Windows Phone 8 Meets Sony Ericsson on Xperia Leon 2GHz Dual Core Smartphone
Super smartphone for the future of Microsoft Office and the concept of Transolid user interface that seems to be open. specific high-end Xperia Leon also NFC, Wireless HDMI, 3.2 megapixel camera and in front of a 12 megapixel camera back to 1800 mAh. Body of the device is incredibly thin, feat achieved by incorporating 1080p OLED touch screen. More images and info after the break...

Alienware M18x Gaming Laptop

The expected Alienware M18x gaming notebook has begun shipping and can now be configured according to your needs at the Alienware website.

This gaming laptop is great FHD 1080p 18.4 inch WLED, you can configure a series of dual GPU to display stunning graphics for the game.

Intel architecture is the Huron River and has an Intel Core i7 Extreme Quad Core, which is overclockable up to 4GHz. For an additional $ 2000 may also have an insane amount of memory, up to 32 GB of RAM is simply amazing. So if you're a professional player, is perfect for your needs and take your gaming experience to the next level.

With a price starting from $1999, the Alienware M18x is available for configuration and purchase from Dell Alienware site.
It is expected to get a huge share in the gaming marketplace. Lets see how it goes.via

TriMove - Motorbike by Mohammad Ghezel

I go to the wheel without the center has not yet reached its full technical potential, but put aside his speculations for a moment to admire this tricycle amazing concept. exposure elements without relying on the corners, and not split lanes, but the narrow, tilting 3-wheel has the agility TriMove: Most of the 3 three wheels combine the worst of motorcycles and cars and an aerodynamic design that can expect a fierce motorcycle. That is the mark triangle provides the balance, even when not moving. And the disc braking system of three means there is far less braking space, so for a motorcycle exceptionally foolproof not sacrifice style. More images after the break...
Designer: Mohammad Ghezel

HTC Tube Concept is a Phone, Tablet, Laptop…

Antoine Brieux has shown some fantastic designs so far, but now he has outdone themselves HTC Tube concept, the final version. Well, HTC Tube phone was a detailed time ago and it was the HTC Tube Tablet, but now we are dealing with a laptop, which connects the two.

HTC Tube Concept is a Laptop, Tablet, Phone...

The result is a cartridge-notebook, a multimedia laptop and tablet cartridge and optional keyboard. It 's also a basic phone with an integrated quick to answer, hang up, we detail later in this article. Well, then, the characteristics of the concept of HTC tablet, laptop computer is used to screen a 10.4-inch AMOLED multitouch S, HDMI, 128 GB of memory (at least) and is Android or Windows 7 Phone. more images and info after the break....

iPhone 4 Wallpapers Gallery

Free iPhone wallpapers gallery. more after the break...

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