Sony Ericsson Swoop Concept Supports 4G Connectivity, Packs 16MP Camera

Here's a cool concept Sony Ericsson that reminds me of a supercar, this time created by Zimbabwe Esato member of the board. This device is called one-time Sony Ericsson is based on the design of a new Lamborghini.

Sony Ericsson Swoop Concept Supports 4G Connectivity, Packs 16MP Camera

This time, Zimbabwe is back with some specs too, not just the concept. Once using a Corning Gorilla glass screen protected, with a 4.3-inch technology support and 3D. Motionflow technology for fast action movies and reduces the blur caused by the speed of camera movement. Inside the phone we find a new multi-core CPU, the OMAP4470 in TI OMAP with the fourth generation technology@1.8 GHz.

Beat - Watch / Music Player

Discover the Beat, accessories all-in-one running! This gesture-controlled device plays music, monitor your pulse, count your steps, and even call you fat when you're about to give up (I'm not joking! But hey ... it could just as well.). Beat with an innovative gesture interface that fits in the current experiment. No more sweaty fingers over, or touch screens. Flick your right hand / left to change songs, turn it up the volume, or play your song power by pushing forward! You want!

HTC Blast – New Design for Powerful Smartphone

Antoine Brieux has sent us news about one of his designs, a concept known as the HTC explosion. The device is pictured below, and will bring a new look for products manufacturer in Taiwan. Blast is an HTC smartphone based technology HAND butonless Power, which is used to rotate the screen without buttons support.

HTC Blast   New Design for Powerful Smartphone, That Runs Honeycomb With HTC Sense

In the front, a stream has 4.7-inch wide touch screen and inside there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.5 GHz dual-core chipset Adreno 220. There is also 1 GB of onboard ROM and 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. The AMOLED display is a unit with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Xperia Ace – Sony Ericsson Super Zoom Smartphone Concept

After teaser tennis directed by Victor Cao are left with a concept called Sony Ericsson Xperia Ace. This new device is an excellent camera phone, thanks to the 10x optical zoom 26mm lens and it supports large it comes with.

Xperia Ace   Sony Ericsson Super Zoom Smartphone Concept

Exmor technology R is also a combination, as well as the Sony G lens and support for recording HD video at 60 fps. Xperia Ace is a dual core processor at 2.5 GHz for the phone, which allows it to run on Android 2.4. Eyeglasses list of Xperia concept includes a 4.3-inch touch-screen Bravia, NFC, HDMI, 64GB of storage and battery 2000mAh.

i’mWatch: First Android OS cellphone watch

We saw a lot of phones in the past shows, but none led by the infamous Google Android operating system to date. This mobile phone watch known i'mWatch, and unlike other cell phone watches on the market it operates on its own customized operating system Android.
You can use the connection i'mWatch own Android, iPhone, 4, and in the future BlackBerry devices using Bluetooth. Unlike other mobile phone watches on the market, i'mWatch applications will be able to run, so you can make and receive calls and text messages, e-mail, weather and social networking sites.

As for hardware specs, i'mWatch comes with a screen of 1.54 inch TFT, it is powered by Freescale ARM9 IMX233 and it has 64 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage space. In addition, the 600mAh battery give you 2 hours or 48 hours of standby it will probably be more than enough.

As you can see, it's a gadget i'mWatch great if you're a fan of everything related to watches, and is a very reasonable price € 249 (about U.S. $ 360) during the promotion until June 30th day. via

LifeBook Tablet Concept

Tech Specs
  • Wirelessly access internet over Wifi or high speed 4g data connection
  • The built in camera senses hand movement like the Kinetic Movements, thus no need to touch the screen for controls
  • Two keyboards; one on the touch screen & one as a projection keyboard for typing
  • The leather flip case protects the screen when closed and holds the tablet up when open
  • The tablet runs on the new Windows 8 which allows for multiple desktops, you can be switched between them with the slide of your hand
  • The built in camera tracks eye movement so the screen is 3D or 2D, but with this technology you can also see more or less of the screen depending on what angle you look at it (like looking through a window)
  • There is no need for bulky chargers, the Lifebook can be charged of other PCs with a USB and also wirelessly charged trough induction charging when left on the pad
  • Data transfer is intuitive, leave a USB near or on top of the Lifebook and files appear on screen wirelessly
  • Do the same with a camera, pick and chose the ones you want to transfer
  • No need to plug in printer, just leave the tablet on top of a printer to print

ASUS IRIS, Portable Device Concepts Showcased at Computex 2011

Do what you want the following features, but be aware that their place in the concept of the IRIS series of ASUS mobile device, introduced at Computex 2011 this week. Will be held in Taipei, the show includes tablets and focuses on recent innovations in the mobile arena.

ASUS IRIS, Portable Device Concepts Showcased at Computex 2011

ASUS These concepts are elegant and simplistic in its design. I'm feeling the look of precious edge handsets and that some sports tablets and I was wondering what material can be. These models seem incredibly thin, and their screens much like E-ink material unless there is another new technology into the mix.

Luce Solar Powered Laptop

I'm going to ignore that this is a sexy-looking, transparent polycarbonate is a lightweight laptop in the background. I also intend to forget that it contains a non-touch keyboard. I'm just staring at the two solar panels (on top of each other under the keyboard) and the possibility of having a laptop that needs no wires! Yes, even the download! Someone, anyone ... Fujitsu Tea Light!

AMOI N86 High End 3G Concept

The idea of ​​a phone that includes both a large touch screen display and a little review is not new, but it is certainly welcome. The device, you can see below is AMOI N86, created by Ryan Ma This 3G phone packs a main screen with a 3.5-inch, 320 x 480 resolution, while the smaller display measures 132 x 32 pixels resolution.
AMOI N86 High End 3G Uses a Dual Touchscreen

This device has an advantage in the saving power, because it seems that the texts or calls on the display in the lower left corner, instead of illuminating large. But Ryan concept seems "S" on the side and became the inspiration for the design of the BMW Gina concept, also below.

Sony Ericsson X3 Packs 10MP Camera

Sony Ericsson X3 Packs 10MP Camera, 2.5GHz Dual Core CPU:
After a pause, Frank Tobias is back with a design called Sony Ericsson X3. This is a smartphone with a dual-core processor at 2.5 GHz and below pictrured laptop. Note the big screen and form factor that makes me think of Nokia (not sure why).
Sony Ericsson X3 Packs 10MP Camera, 2.5GHz Dual Core CPU
Sony Ericsson X3 comes with a 10 megapixel camera with video capture HD 1080p, a 4.2-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 540 x 920 pixels and a dual-core processor we've spoken. The internal memory is 64 GB and the operating system of this concept is unknown, but may be Android or Windows Mobile 7. via

Mininki Concept Car By Antti Eskeli

In the Nordic countries, the need for a simple transport, but demanding. Driving distances vary from long to short and seasons vary considerably. The vehicle must be as comfortable as a luxury sedan, but also the most compact hatchback, offering an organic option with space for a family of average size. Tah da! Michelin Active Wheel concept - Maininki.
Combined with the variable frame length, the concept perfectly suited to the demands of northern climates.
Driving long distances, different seasons and compact cities to demand a lot from a transport vehicle of the family. The design can easily move from one city at a distance of five-door sedan.
Designer: Antti Eskeli

Sony Ericsson Lamborghini Inspired Model

Sony Ericsson Lamborghini Inspired Model Seems to Run Windows Phone
If I'm correct, the concept of Sony Ericsson following works in Windows Mobile 7 and if you want to know your source of inspiration, I know that Zimba Esato member of the board used the Lamborghini Sesto article. This form factor of the prototype was built at the interface of WP, though I'm not very happy with the bottom of the screen is stuck in the car ...
Sony Ericsson Lamborghini Inspired Model Seems to Run Windows Phone
Considering the poor job that ASUS did with the Lamborghini phone it had and then canceled, I’d take this model any day over that failure. Hopefully, Sony Ericsson will turn this unit into something better and give it a shape that’s easier to grasp. via

Droid 3 / Milestone 3 Leaked Video Tutorial

Moto made a name for themselves in the QWERTY smartphone Android podium from the first Milestone / Droid, despite this, the bar was launched on 2 September last year made a fairly common presence if it is not surprising that The last flight reveals a popular third-generation phone available soon.
People of PhonePad made three videos tutorial cursor five lines QWERTY. There is an eight megapixel camera, which is supposedly capable of 1080p HD video recording. Other changes include what appears to be a pair of volume buttons on the right side (instead of the usual flip-flop), the apparent absence of a dedicated button, and two micro USB and mini-HDMI the left side of Droid X2 configuration. [via PhonePads]

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