Nintendo Wii Concept Phone is More of a Wiimote

Nintendo Wii Concept Phone is More of a Wiimote
Of course we’d like to see a Wii gaming phone, but it’s very unlikely, now that Nintendo has big plans for 2008, in its console segment. Also, in case Nintendo ever decides to join the pack of mobile phone manufacturers, I’m sensing a partnership with Apple, don’t ask why, I just think that the two brands are compatible. About the concept in the image above, isn’t the screen too small for the device? And does it still run on AA batteries just like the Wiimote? [via mobilewhack]

ZTE Cube Phone - Another Mobile World Congress Concept

ZTE Cube Phone, Another Mobile World Congress Concept
Let’s call this a “mystery phone”, as that’s what it is. We’ve only got this picture above and tons of assumptions. It might as well be a sci-fi bracelet, pretending to be a phone, but rest assured that there’s a display in there, although you can’t see it. This device seems to be folded, with the aid of 3 hinges and that means that we’re dealing with a rather long phone, when it not gone “cube mode”. The concept was demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona by ZTE, Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Company. [via pocketpicks]

Braille Mobile Phone, Made in India

Braille Mobile Phone, Made in India
This is one original piece of work, courtesy of the Indian phone maker Spice, that developed this device, ideal for the visually impaired. It’s been introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2008 and the manufacturer kept it simple and used low tech, obviously not including a screen.

Motorola MOTOSHOT L11 Linux Phone

Motorola MOTOSHOT L11 Linux Phone... Held by David Beckham?!
The Motorolafans have another goodie for all of you concept phone fans and this one’s called MOTOSHOT L11. It’s a concept device, designed by ravefolk and based on the L series and the ROKR E6, running Linux.

BYB Credo Phone, Inspired by Lexus cars

BYB Credo Phone, Inspired by Lexus cars
What you can see above is the beautiful Credo Phone designed by Bogar Bence. The creator of the Credo project claims that the concept had to morph into something else twice and it draws its inspiration from the Lexus cars. He initially branded the device ASUS Aura, but had to change it, as there’s already a concept bearing the name and a logo. So, after being contacted by ASUS, he changed the phone’s name to BYB Credo, but the concept is equally attractive. Check out its full list of specs by reading the full article.

Motorola MOTOPOWER A1600i

Motorola MOTOPOWER A1600i, 40GB Multimedia Concept Phone With a 5.1 MP Camera
While Motorola tries to gain back its momentum and take advantage of the Mobile World Congress 2008 to launch a couple of new phones, we’re drooling at the best “specd” concept Motorola phone ever. I found it on the Motorolafans forum and it’s the MOTOPOWER A1600i, based on the Ming and RAZR series and designed by Ravefolk. Here’s the phone’s impressive features list, as made available by the designer himself:

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