Make your life more stylish with Samsung Galaxy Tab White

Samsung has-been very quiet about Keeping Their Involvement in the Development of the Samsung Galaxy Tab White, But it is hard to deny That Many traits and features of the device has-been inspired by the technology Used in the Galaxy series as well as The Other major innovations Developed by the Korean phone maker.

According To reports, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Will Be an ARM V7 packing dual core CPU. Expect this one to run Beyond 1GHz in speed. The Confirmed también processor to support OpenGL ES. As for RAM, the figures MOST But Are Still Uncertain point to 512MB of RAM (while 328MB is possible, the specs seem a little low for a handset of this caliber). As for internal memory, reports a disappointing state 1 to 2 GB of storage space. While microSD card support is pretty much anticipation, more internal storage HAVING is always appreciated.

Christmas special HTC Desire HD With Best Deals

Below are the best deals HTC HD Desire contract that we could find. HTC Desire HD offerings on pay as you go is below the contract offers Desire HTC HD. To refine your search, please use the quick search on the right. Find the cheapest HTC Desire HD offers today! The HD Desire, with the desire Z, is a follow HTC summer 2010 hit HTC Desire. The desire crammed a wide range of features into a simple and elegant Android and has been a phenomenal success for the Chinese company in the UK - despite her brother the Google brand Nexus One make poor sales.

Nokia 2030 Cellphone Features an Illuminated Touch Keypad

Here’s the Nokia cellphone concept of 2030, in case you wanted a taste of the future… Created by Jim Chan, the Nokia 2030 features a scratch-resistant finished body, plus a full color display and an illuminated touch keypad.
Fast messaging is the purpose of this unit and we learn that the phone measures 2 x 4.75 x 0.25 inches and attaches colored films at the rear, to change its color. Polished titanium is the choice of metal for the case area that protects the screen. This handset looks like some sort of futuristic keycard that grants access to a high tech facility and we bet it’ll have e-wallet features and a transparent UI.

Palm Pad Concept, Accompanied by Palm Pre 2 and Palm Watch Design

Remember the Palm phone design challenge? Well, the competition might have ended some time ago, but we’re still checking the entries out, like the following combo that includes a Palm Pad tablet concept, a futuristic Palm Pre and even a Palm watch. They are the creation of designer virox.
Our main focus is the Palm Pad, a device we’re all waiting for anxiously, specially as a webOS 2.0 iPad alternative. Supposedly, the unit comes with a 7 inch multitouch display (640 x 960), a 3MP autofocus camera with LED flash, 64GB of internal memory and a 1.2GHz dual core CPU. WiFi and 3G are also supported, making this unit a pretty realistic device.
As far as the Palm Watch is concerned, this is a gadget with a flexible OLED display, notification system and all in all it’s rather a companion to the Palm handset. What do you think of this trio of goodies?
[via precentral]

BlackBerry Empathy Phone Comes With a Mood Ring

Daniel Yoon created one sweet, sweet BlackBerry concept, the Empathy Phone that comes with a mood ring, as shown below. This social networking-focused device delivers biometric data regarding the user’s emotional state, relying on the mood ring accessory.
BlackBerry Empathy Phone Comes With a Mood Ring, Flexible OLED Display
Imagine sharing your feelings not directly, but via the ring we mentioned. How cool is that? BlackBerry Empathy connects the user straight away to sites like FaceBook and MySpace for quick messaging and status updates. The device also comes with proximity sensors, allowing you to detect the emotions of the folks nearby through an emotion chart with a visual timeline.

Nokia N8 by Nokia N8

Prior to the Nokia N8 I relied on the N82 for product shots. Yes, I could have used a digicam but I just like the simplicity of sending a bunch of photos over bluetooth. No looking for wires, removing any memory cards, just click and send.
Anyway, I was checking out the N8 to see how it would fare and thought I’d share some of the raw unedited photos as well as on board photo editing. You can see full sized pics by clicking at the gallery at the end of this post.

Nokia Aura MeeGo Concept Phone Is Simplistic and Beautiful

We’re back with another Nokia MeeGo concept phone, this time one with present day specs, so no futuristic features here. We’re talking about the Nokia Aura, packing a 4 inch touchscreen display, a slim case and a 12MP camera with Xenon flash, plus HDMI. Basically, this MeeGo phone is a bigger N8 with a very appealing design.
The device’s profile is convex on both sides, something you won’t find on many mobile phones, plus it’ll aid with the ergonomics. Nokia Aura’s body is made out of aluminum, for a lighter handset and a more quality feel to it. The rest of the devices specs include a microSD card slot, a 3.5mm audio jack, a camera button and a microUSB connector.
What do you think about this Nokia N8 upgrade?

Nokia C2-01 Cheapest 3G Phone Priced €70 Specifications, Features

Nokia C2-01 Cheapest 3G Phone Priced €70
Nokia C2-01,Nokia's cheapest 3G Phone just made official by Nokia.The new Nokia C2-01 3G handset comes with a price tag of €70(about$ 96)(about Rs.4300) and will be available for sale from beginning of 2011.

Nokia E7 India Launch by January 2011 Price and Details

Nokia recently announced that their stylish Symbian^3 smartphone, Nokia E7 will hit Indian market by January next year.Its expected that the price of new Nokia E7 in India will be around Rs 30,000.

Motorola Droid 2 Global Launched Price, Features and Specifications

Motorola recently made out the official announcement of their new samrtphone that belongs to the Droid line-up, named Motorola Droid 2 GLOBAL.The new Motorola Droid 2 Global smartphone now available on Verizon's Web site for a price tag of $199.99.

HTC Gratia Smartphone Features and Specifications

Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC recently introduced a new Android mid-range smartphone, named HTC Gratia in European markets.The new HTC Gratia Smartphone has a rubbery casing design with exposed screw-heads and runs on Google Android 2.2 Froyo with HTC Sense UI.

Dell Venue Pro Smartphone with Windows Phone 7 Price, Features and Specifications

Dell now on its way to introduced its latest Windows Phone 7 smartphone, named Dell Venue Pro soon in UK market.The new Dell Venue Pro Smartphone is now available for pre-order at Expansys for a price tag of £499.99 (about $785) and is expected to ships by  9th November 2010.

T-Mobile HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 smartphone Price details

T-Mobile USA recently started the sale of new Windows Phone 7 handset, named HTC HD7 smartphone via Amazon.The new HTC HD7 smartphone is now available at for pre-order with a price tag of $169.99 for 2-year contract agreement.

LG P520 Dual SIM Touchscreen Phone Price, Features and Specifications

LG P520 Dual SIM Touchscreen Phone Features
LG Electronics recently made the availability of a new touchscreen Dual SIM handset in markets, named LG P520(LG Terry).The new LG P520 dual SIM Touchscreen Phone will be available in Russian markets soon for a price tag of about 6,990 rubles.

Nokia N8 with iPhone OS – China Clone

We’ve seen the Android Nokia N8 China clone. Now check out iOS Nokia N8. Of course that’s neither iOS or the Nokia N8 but rip off versions. Oddly, the face of the N8 has TWO buttons which was seen in an extremely early proto N8 version.

Sony Ericsson Yendo

First full touch Walkman™ phone

Tap the top right corner of the 2.6" screen. Touch to listen. Skip, fast forward, play it again. With the full touch Walkman™ player, your music is at your fingertips... more images after the break...

Transparent Phone Based on AMOLED and E-Ink Technologies

Are you the type who forgets to charge a cellphone? Then the Second Life Mobile Phone concept is for you! Created by Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae, this device uses an AMOLED screen, that’s powered up when the handset has plenty of battery and switches to E-ink screen technology when standby mode kicks in.
Transparent Phone Based on AMOLED and E Ink Technologies is Ideal for Forgetful Users
Also we’re dealing with a transparent phone, with a degree of transparency that’s influenced by the battery level of the device. This means that the display will get more transparent as you run out of battery. This is a great way to remember to recharge the handset, if you’re the forgetful kind.

Porsche Design Smartphone Captures 3D Images

Designer André Duarte Silva created a very interesting phone concept, the Porsche Design Smartphone. Using a slick aluminum case, the device comes with a huge multitouch display and reminds us of the iPhone 4. There’s also a speaker on board, between the glass and aluminum body, increasing the device’s appeal and acoustic potential.
Porsche Design Smartphone Captures 3D Images
There’s also a Quick video access button on the right side of the phone, allowing the user to create home videos, while at the back of the Porsche concept phone you’ll find a dual camera system. One of the cams takes 5MP photos and shoots 720p HD video with stereo sound quality and even records 3D video. Tridimensional photos can also be shot, plus there’s an LED flash on board.

Nokia E10, a Foldable Phone With MeeGo and Solar Batteries

Foldable phones are a niche that wasn’t exploited by designers lately, but we got the trend back thanks to Chris Wang, who created the Nokia E10 concept. This device looks really nice and comes with a foldable display, that’s made out of flexible material.
Also, the screen is thin enough to roll around a 6 mm axis, thus saving space. Nokia E10 is all about flexibility, both in interface and design, so it becomes a normal phone when folded up, allowing you to use a standard touchscreen. Through it you’ll make phone calls, send texts and mail, play games and perform other standard activities.

iPhone 4 Wallpaper - Field

Field iPhone 4 Wallpaper
iPhone 4 Wallpaper - Field

Palm HD2, Powerful Handset Concept

PreCentral’s Palm design competition has generated some pretty appealing Palm concept phones, like the model below. Dubbed the Palm HD2 and created by LCGuy, this is just another attempt at creating the future Palm Pre, since the Pre 2 was considered a disappointment by some.
Palm HD2, Powerful Handset Concept, Created by LCGuy
Palm HD2 runs WebOS 2.0 and features a 3.8 inch AMOLED display with a 960 x 640 pixel resolution, plus an 8MP camera at the back with LED flash and a 3MP camera upfront. 1080p video recording is on the list as well, plus a microSD card slot (32GB), a 5 row QWERTY keyboard and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.
The handset relies on a TI OMAP 4430 1GHz CPU (ARM A9 dual core), 1GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory and a 2250 mAh battery. There’s also an accelerometer on board and we know that the device is Touchstone-compatible. What do you say?
[via precentral]

Nokia E5x Concept, Business Meets MeeGo

I guess that this is the first MeeGo concept phone, unless we’ve missed a handset or two lately. The folks of mynokiablog recently received a tip concerning the Nokia E5x, the concept you can see below. Created by Alberto Pietrobon, a BSc student in Sweden, this device is all about business.
Nokia E5x Concept, Business Meets MeeGo
We learn that the E5x is follow-up the E5 that brings forth a design similar to the original phone, plus useful features, like a front QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera and al the goodness you can get out of the MeeGo OS. Alberto considers this the perfect Nokia phone. What do you say?
[via mynokiablog]

Windows Phone 7 Stock Shortages to be Resolved Soon

windows phone 71 300x235 Windows Phone 7 Stock Shortages to be Resolved Soon 
Just yesterday, analysts indicated that Microsoft had only shifted 40,000 Windows Phone 7 smartphones at launch. At that point, we were left wondering if this was due to lack of interest or shortages.
Microsoft has now responded to questions asked and have now indicated that the reason for the lack of sales was indeed, not having enough stock available at launch.
The response was as follows...

Motorola CITRUS will be available in Verizon for $49.99

Motorola CITRUS will be available in Verizon for $49.99
Motorola CITRUS will be available in Verizon for $49.99
Motorola CITRUS will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online for $49.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. Powered by Android 2.1, Motorola CITRUS delivers an affordable, entry-level, customizable smartphone experience in a compact design that is easy on both the eyes and the earth. The full HTML Web browser comes preloaded with Bing Search and Bing Maps and delivers a PC-like Web browsing experience, while the easy-to-use on-screen QWERTY keyboard or Swype® keyboard allow for quick messaging. Get fast access to Web apps and services such as Facebook; Google services such as Gmail, Google Talk and YouTube; and customize your phone with free and paid apps available from Android Market. Plus, the CITRUS phone housing is made from 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, is CarbonFree Certified through an alliance with, and is PVC and BFR free. The packaging is made from 80 percent post-consumer recycled paper, and the user manual is made using 100 percent recycled paper and soy-based ink.

Nokia N8 will become company’s best-selling high-end handset

Nokia N8 will become company’s best-selling high-end handset
Nokia N8 will become company’s best-selling high-end handset
Nokia N8 will probably become one of the company’s best-selling high-end handsets in the near future. In fact, Nokia has just announced (via Twitter) that the “N8 has received the highest amount of consumer pre-orders” in its history. Sadly, Nokia doesn’t talk numbers yet, but pre-orders have to be in the range of millions. Even though Symbian^3 is not regarded as one of the nicest mobile platforms out there, the combination of great features (12MP camera included) and accessible price seems to make the N8 a winner. AllAboutSymbian has it that there will be more than 50 enhancements coming to S^3 in early 2011, including portrait QWERTY, split screen input, and a new browser. The enhancements will be available not only for the N8, but also for the C7, C6-01, E7 and all upcoming Symbian smartphones.

Samsung Contour is coming out through MetroPCS

Samsung Contour is coming out through MetroPCS
Samsung Contour is coming out through MetroPCS
Samsung Contour is coming out through MetroPCS. Fitted with a VGA camera and speakerphone, this Bluetooth enabled device proffers internet access through MetroWEB. Handset owners may leverage on its Iron Carousel functionality that lets them access one-touch messaging, one-touch calendar and one-touch speakerphone technology. With text messaging options such as SMS and MMS, the alpha numeric keypad should be easy to use while typing out long messages. This stunning clamshell handset walks down the ramp maintaining its figure at 1.7 x 0.54 x 4.2 inches and tipping the scales at 3.04 ounces. The Contour flaunts dual displays the main one being a 2.0-inches QQVGA TFT screen and a 1.07-inches CSTN sub display. Users can give out voice commands to access several functions instantly. It operates on 800MhMHz/PCS 1900 MHz, AWS Band 1700/2100 MHz CDMA networks and has an easy-to-use interface. Handset owners can download ringtones, wallpapers, games, apps and also access unlimited e-mail through the phone. The device offers a talktime of up to 3.3 hours and a standby time of up to 200 hours. Several Metro applications can be accessed from this handset some of which are Metro 411 Directory Assistance, MetroWEB Internet Access, mail@metro Unlimited E-mail, MyMetro Account Manager and MetroBackup. It provides a 1G + 512MB RAM flash memory.

Lenovo has unveiled the new cell phone p500

Lenovo has unveiled the new cell phone p500
Lenovo has unveiled the new cell phone p500
Lenovo has unveiled a new middle class cell phone p500. This Lenovo P500 handset is utilized ThinkPad Roll solution, which is found in Lenovo laptop. According to manufacture, this design makes the phone more reliable. Lenovo P500 phone has alphanumeric keypad, include media player, microSD slot up to 8GB, bluetooth, 3M pixel camera and front camera for video calling. The technical specifications of the upcoming Lenovo P500 are the following:
  • 120 grams of weight;
  • 2.8-inch LCD screen with a WQVGA resolution of 240×400;
  • designed for GSM and UMTS/HSDPA network.
  • slot for microSD memory cards of 8GB;
  • 3-megapixel camera on the back and another one located on the front to make video calls;
  • being able to work as a music player;


Palm Pre 2 will be landing in the UK on November 12

Palm Pre 2 will be landing in the UK on November 12
Palm Pre 2 will be landing in the UK on November 12
Palm Pre 2 will be landing in the UK on November 12. The Palm Pre 2 is already available in France on the SFR network and has been for about 2 weeks now. When made available in the UK, the Palm Pre 2 will initially be sold sim-free. The phone its self has a 1GHz CPU inside and runs the new webOS 2.0 built by HP. It has a slide-out keyboard, a 5 megapixel camera and is a step up from the original Palm Pre. Right now, there are no details on what networks will be carrying the Pre 2, but we suspect announcements will follow shortly.

Nokia announced the Nokia N8 now available from Rogers

Nokia announced the Nokia N8 now available from Rogers
Nokia announced the Nokia N8 now available from Rogers
Nokia has announced that its Symbian ^3 flagship device Nokia N8 is now available from Rogers Wireless. The phones are now already arriving at Rogers stores across Canada, and it will apparently run just $80 on a three-year term or $449 off-contract (one and two-year plans are decidedly less attractive). The only smartphone with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound, the Nokia N8 offers the best of video entertainment, information sharing and social communication, such as a 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash and HD quality video recording. The Nokia N8 comes equipped with an HDMI cable allowing for easy hookup to an HDTV for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Sony Ericsson ANZU To Run Android 2.3

sony ericsson anzu 300x300 Sony Ericsson ANZU To Run Android 2.3 When Launched 
The XperiaX10 website has received an anonymous tip along with a picture that claims to show the next generation smartphone from Sony Ericsson called the ANZU. The ANZU is believed to be the successor of the Xperia X10 range of smartphones.

Dell Venue Pro WP7 MicroSD Card Slot

dell venue pro microsd card slot 300x141 Dell Venue Pro WP7 MicroSD Card Slot   Covered by Warranty Sticker 
WMPoweruser has spotted the microSD card slot on the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Unlike some other WP7 devices where the card slot is buried deep within the hardware, Dell has made the microSD card slot some what accessible when only taking the back cover off.

HTC Desire Z Vodafone Launch Coming Soon

HTC desire z 300x237 HTC Desire Z Vodafone Launch Coming Soon 
Vodafone in the UK will soon be offering the HTC Desire Z on contract. At the moment, the only option over here is to get the Desire Z sim-free and pay full price out right for the handset.
When Vodafone launch the Desire Z, it will be free for those paying £30/month on a business contract for 2 years.
The Desire Z is an Android 2.2 based smartphone that has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, a 3.7 inch WVGA touchscreen and runs the Sense UI.
For connectivity this particular smartphone has HSDPA and Wi-Fi. It has GPS built in and the camera is capable of capturing images at 5 megapixels. The camera also has autofocus.
More details will be made available shortly on Vodafones Business website.
Via: Unwired View and Gaj-it

T-Mobile G2 Root Now Available (Permanent Root)

T Mobile G21 300x225 T Mobile G2 Root Now Available (Permanent Root) 
For those of you looking to root your T-Mobile G2, you'll be glad to hear that a permanent solution has been created. Up till now, any rooting of the G2 was only temporary.The new solution works by starting off on the same footing as the old root, but rather than leaving it just rooted a few extra steps need to be accomplished to lock in in place.

iOS 4.2 To Increase Performance on iPhone 3G

iphone 3g 300x300 iOS 4.2 To Increase Performance on iPhone 3G 
When iOS 4.2 gets released, it will increase the performance of the iPhone 3G. Ever since the launch of iOS 4.0 a few months back, iPhone 3G users have been left with a device that struggles to run as it did with 3.1.X. When iOS 4.1 was released, it some what fixed those problems although there are still a few speed issues here and there.After a bit of testing of the 4.2 GM release, it appears that Apple [AAPL] has managed to iron out the bugs and bring the iPhone 3G running iOS 4 on par with when it ran iOS 3.

Samsung launched the Samsung Continuum in NYC on Verizon’s network

Samsung launched the Samsung Continuum in NYC on Verizon’s network
Samsung launched the Samsung Continuum in NYC on Verizon’s network
Samsung launched the Samsung Continuum in NYC on Verizon’s network. The Continuum features the main Super AMOLED display, and then the smaller Ticker on the bottom, where your notifications and RSS Feeds are displayed. The phone fits into the Galaxy S badging and still uses an 800×480 Super AMOLED display, but at a smaller 3.4 inches to accommodate the second screen. Pricing is $199, after a $100 mail-in rebate and after signing a new, two-year contract. Features of the Samsung Continuum include:
  • Android 2.1
  • 3.4-inch Super AMOLED
  • Secondary 1.8-inch display
  • 1GHz Hummingbird processor
  • 512MB ROM
  • 384MB RAM
  • 3G Hotspot functionality
  • Motion Sensor
  • 5 Megapixel Camera, 720p video capture
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Preloaded with Bing Maps and Bing Search.


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