Nokia N18 Symbian^3 Phone Concept

Nokia N18 Symbian^3 Phone Concept Comes With Dual Core Processor

Nokia N18 Symbian^3 Phone Concept Comes With Dual Core Processor:
We're back with the usual round of Nokia concept phones, this time with the N18 model. This works Symbian ^ 3, using a dual-core processor running at 1 GHz and a PowerVR GPU SGX540. The design was created by shihuzaan, which also includes a 4-inch LCD Gorilla Black Transparent AMOLED.

Reptile Roadster Car By Arturo Arino

Reptilian Roadster Car By Arturo Arino:
Face of the crocodile leather front view of reptiles and you'll see what I mean. This race car crosses the street with the hybrid electric motor 4 pole induction/27000CC Wankel that develops over 700HP at 9000 rpm. Rawr. Watch more images after the break...

Acer Iconia Tab W500

Acer Iconia Tab W500

Acer Iconia Tab W500 is a tablet and a laptop:
Acer now has a date and price of your new creation, Acer Iconia Tab W500. This tablet, which can be a laptop with a keyboard when connected to its docking station, comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and software to measure and SocialJogger ring Acer.

With a 10.1 "screen capable of delivering up to 1280 x 800 pixels, the W500 is equipped with a C-50 processor and AMD Radeon HD6250 graphics card. The device is equipped with Wi-Fi, 3G (depending on model chosen), Bluetooth 3.0 and two Acer Crystal Eye webcam 1.3 MP.

Given the avalanche of various tablet models, Acer has sought to highlight the W500 Acer Iconia Tab. This device is really impressive, allowing the possibility of adding a keyboard as a base, making it a "hybrid tablet" on a full-fledged laptop.via:1, 2

The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

Most Expensive Motorcycle

XX extravagant price for a $ 300 000 FE-Ti Ecotesse production motorcycle is the most expensive on the market. There are many things that will fancy engine in there, like a 2409 cc engine that produces air an outrageous 225 hp at the rear wheel, but I do not know the difference between these things and what is under the hood of a Kia I'll go to good things. The owner of this bike is set eyes on a dashboard in color with registration data, just after his body exquisitely finished in a special carbon weave. $ 300,000. more images after the break...

Dual charging station for your iOS devices

Dual charging station
We have seen a number of charging stations and IOS devices, how about this. i.Sound Power View Pro provides capable of charging two devices at the IOS. The station has two seats, as you can see two pictures, one of the iPad offers a wide range and the other place is smaller than the iPhone or iPod Touch. More image and info after the break...

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 Tablet

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 Tablet
 Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 Tablet Pack 3D Sensors, Folding Leather Case
After concepts were combined as a tablet connected to see, so here's the slate Fujitsu LifeBook, created by Alan Donnelly, the Fujitsu LifeBook 2013 on competition. The device sports a rounded rectangular shape and the most impressive feature is the set of 3D sensors that allow particular user to navigate through menus and photo galleries, waving his hands. More images and info after the break...

Sony Offers MacBook Air Rival - VAIO Hybrid PC


Sony Offers MacBook Air Rival - VAIO Hybrid PC:
MacBook Air has been a great success because of his lappie ultra-sleek design and good battery life. Sony VAIO is considered the biggest competitor for the MacBook. I have long been considered an option because of their passion for sexy models. Now, Sony has decided to release its latest competitor to the MacBook, which is known as the Hybrid PC.

The Sony VAIO Hybrid PC is a lightweight machine with a fast Intel Core i7, also with an SSD onboard HDMI 1.4 connectivity, Wi-Fi and its weight is always less than 2.5 pounds. Comes with a dock, and it is based, the PC becomes a hybrid of full desktop replacement with the Radeon HD 6700 graphics processor, a Blu-ray, Ethernet and VGA connections and a special connector that brings power USB CA.
The battery life is somewhere between 8 to 16.5 hours, which is more surprising, if indeed accurate. Further details defined in the Japanese PC maker yet. So stay tuned for more updates on this wonderful cum notebook.via: 1, 2

Kyocera Concept Phones at CTIA 2011

Kyocera Concept Phones at CTIA 2011

Kyocera Concept Phones at the CTIA 2011:
Kyocera is one of the company's products introduced at CTIA last week of 2011 cases. Well, apart from their dual-screen phone, we also found some very interesting devices, like those below, concept phones, which can change shape based on the emotion of the man of the speaker. More images and info after the break...

LG Thrill 4G - AT & T Brand LG Has Announced 3D Optimus

LG Emotion 4G

LG Thrill 4G - AT & T Brand LG Has Announced 3D Optimus:
LG Thrill 4G is basically an AT & T-branded LG 3D Optimus. It has a four-inch touchscreen and you can view 3D content without wearing 3D glasses. It works just like a Nintendo 3DS.
The LG 4G emotion is driven by a dual core running at 1 GHz and runs on Android 2.2 Froyo (soon will have gingerbread). Has two five-megapixel camera lets you view 3D content and 3D video recording in 720p. The 3D effect, of course, can be disabled if you prefer to stay in 2D land.via: 1, 2

Toshiba Launches 14-inch LCD USB Monitor


Toshiba has launched a new portable monitor is only powered by USB. It has a 14-inch LCD screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Its portability and low supply voltage does not allow excellent technical performance. The PA3923U-1LC3 has a response time of 16 milliseconds and 400:1 contrast disappointing low.

Input video is also on the USB port without the need for a VGA, DVI or HDMI. The monitor is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, and the market price is $200. The awesomeness of the screen begins when one considers that it weighs only 2.8 pounds, and you can find an adjustable stand for your comfort.

A cool gadget if you need to pack an extra monitor. Is potentially useful for use as additional display for presentation of several or even as an extra monitor for your PC to make it more productive. Then wait for a version with a touchscreen. via: 1, 2

HTC EVO 3D Smartphone Announced


HTC has also entered into the 3D world after the announcement of its latest 3D Pan Android - HTC EVO 3D. This lets you view 3D content without 3D glasses. The images of him and you can feel the 3D effect.

It has a 4.3 inch touch screen that incorporates a capacitive QHD resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. It runs at 1.2 GHz dual processor speed and has an internal memory of 1 GB. His memory is 1GB and can be supplemented by microSD card slot. As this is a smartphone in 3D has 3 chambers, two on the back (five million pixels each) and a front (1.3 megapixels). It also has a series of sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, compass, proximity and ambient light sensors.

The phone also allows different types of WiFi and 3G connectivity. 3G is good for the 14.4 Mbps download speed and download speed of 5.76.via: 1, 2

Transparent Phone by Aston Martin and Mobiado

Mobiado Aston Martin Prototype is a Transparent Phone

Transparent Phone by Aston Martin and Mobiado:
Here's a concept phone official this time, one designed by Aston Martin and Mobiado, the famous designer of luxury gadget. What you see below is a transparent Android phone, and they are all doing. CTP002 baptized, this phone is a large sapphire glass surface with titanium edges. More images and info after the break...

Zimmer Phone - Sketch Made by Mac Funamizu

Zimmer Phone Sketch Made by Mac Funamizu

Zimmer Phone Sketch Made by Japanese Designer Mac Funamizu:

Mac Funamizu is a prolific designer and works in Japan. Now he has just posted on his blog that's OK, and also released a new mobile phone concept, Zimmer. more images and info after the break...

Nokia's First Windows Mobile Phone Launched In India


Nokia's First Windows Mobile Phone Launched In India:
Nokia has released its first Windows Mobile smartphone to feature Nokia E7, and it has a 4-inch touch screen AMOLED and a sliding QWERTY keyboard designed for typing faster. Although this new phone is the first Nokia device with Windows Mobile is not likely to be the last, like Nokia and Microsoft last month signed an agreement whereby Nokia will smartphones on the Windows platform, abandoning and the Symbian operating system.

Of course, this new operating system, Nokia has some new applications that we can find a Nokia E7, such as IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, globetrotter Access, Dynamic Quickoffice Premium, Mail for Exchange, F-Secure anti-theft software and Adobe PDF Reader and many others. Currently, the new Nokia E7 is only available in Indian markets, but we are confident that in the coming months, Nokia presented the new Windows Mobile device in the world.via: Nokia, Mintgadget

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Now Available

ASUS Eee Pad

With the release of IPAD about a year ago, Apple created a new market for electronic products: touch-screen tablets. Although they have enjoyed considerable success and has led other manufacturers to start in this niche, the touch screen tablets are still popular for a small segment of users, mainly for those who want to have fun and enjoy Internet access anywhere.

On the other hand, is an area where the construction of a gadget that combines the features of several standalone products is something natural. Taiwanese manufacturer introduced the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Eee Pad Transformer. As the name suggests, the tablet functionality can be expanded as a netbook with a standard keyboard.

Display rack is 10.1 "and supports a resolution up to 1280 x 800 pixels. In the houses of 2 dual-core CPU NVIDIA Tegra processor, ideal for multimedia and video playback Full HD 1080p.

Eee transformer pad is now available and can be bought for a price around $ 399 to $ 699, depending on the desired specifications. via: 1, 2

Dell Vostro 3000 Notebook Series Updated

It has been a while since Dell has updated some of the older previous models. Dell Vostro 3000 series of business laptops will be updated with more features to come on March 22/2011. They added a new processor to give value added extra punch it needs for its daily tasks. The laptop was designed with a commercial approach is very thin, dark black and silver chrome sides. It is available in three colors - Silver Aberdeen, Lucerne and Red Brisbane Bronze.

The laptop has a new DDR3 memory, a decent graphics card, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 3.0. Dell gave a reasonable price for this line of business notebooks. The 13-inch notebook starts at $ 599, 14 - and 15-inch and 17 inch $ 499 to $ 549 million. Not quite sure why the 13 "is cheaper than other 13" notebooks account the greater the size of a netbook. via: 1, 2 

Projected Monitors

Projected Monitors

We encountered a very interesting idea for the future treatment of the data. Gone are the laptops, tablet PCs and smartphones, this is a futuristic vision, we all depend on a kind of high-tech pens that use projectors instead of the monitor and keyboard.
The virtual keyboard is projected onto a flat surface and the display is projected onto a wall. This technology is really out of pocket and I guess a lot of sensors and high-tech projection can actually transform into a device, even in 2011 or 2012. via 1 2

The Bleeding Blade Watch Concept

The Bleeding Blade Watch Concept:
Now is the time to look to see yet another version of self-generated. It's called Bleeding Blade Watch. Well, that could be considered a loss? Not literally, but at least you could take a look and edge. More images and info after the break...

Uno 24 - A rotatory watch from Botta

Uno 24 - A rotatory watch from Botta: A revolutionary watch from Botta:
Botta The German company offers a classic looking watch that brings a new way of reading time. Watches with hands are divided into 12 hours and two hands, while 24 Botta A one-hand walking down a 24-hour dial.
In addition to the hours of 18-6 has a dark background, which shows in the evening and night. A 24 has recently received a Red Dot Good Design Award, and its spectacular design.

In the vertical diameter of the sample in the lower quadrant of the date. The housing is stainless steel and can withstand a pressure of three atmospheres. What is impressive about this show is the existence of a sphere inscribed with numbers from 0 to 23, which passes in a single "hand" that makes one revolution in one day.via

Elastic Phone Concept by Sung-Ching Chang


Elastic Phone Concept by Sung-Ching Chang:
This is the concept behind the Elastic Phone, created by Sung-Ching. The handset uses a flexible keypad with touch feedback and based on OLED technology. You can expand this keypad section and add more functions. More images and info after the break...

Moire Seconds Watch Concept by Zoltan B. Kecskemeti

Moire Seconds Watch concept by designer Zoltan B. Kecskemeti gets it’s name from the moire animation style that it uses to create the illusion that the image on the face is changing. The mask replaces the second hand and gradually reveals different parts of the clock face as time passes. Clock faces come in the form of a blinking kitty, roman to arabic numerals, or my personal favorite- the beating heart. More images and video after the break...

RollerPhone Concept - A Bracelet Phone

RollerPhone Concept - A Bracelet Phone

Rollerphone Concept - A Bracelet Phone:
Alexey Chugunnikov created the mother of all mobile concept: a transparent screen, which is also flexible and retractable. The Rollerphone can be derived from a bracelet that works like a normal clock and displays a screen big enough. The flexible screen of the phone comes from the wrist to the fingers, the ideal length of a space for interaction. more info and images after the break...

iPhone 5 to Use Aluminum Back Case

iPhone 5 to Use Aluminum Back Case

A complex manufacturing process is used to ensure the steel case very hard, very black surface is usually found in tools. A 24 has been so coveted design awards from Red Dot and the Good Design Award for its outstanding design quality. Another product was designed in Germany. Man, those Germans are good.

There are already signs of Ios 4.3 supports the claim that Apple's iPhone 5 will use A5 dual core processor for extra extra power. In addition, the latest concepts and design of the handset all come with an edge on the screen, it would be cool if it was genuine. Like many people said that IPAD 1 was greater iPhone, they say that 5 is a minor IPAD iPhone 2? via

UNO 24 Watch Concept by Klaus Botta for Botta Design

UNO 24 Watch

UNO 24 Watch Concept by Klaus Botta for Botta Design:
A wristwatch 24 has a whole day in a glance! Exact hour hand to make a complete rotation every 24 hours. Dial is visually sections divided by day and night. Hand-driven role is responsible for the sun - the morning of the hand is above the horizon, is the average day reaches its zenith and sinks on the horizon in the evening. Sensitive line at midnight marks the day shift. Once the hand above this line, it moves on the next day's date. More pictures and info after the break...

The Saline Bird Bike

The Saline Bird Bike

The Saline Bird Bike created by Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo , Adrien Fuinesl, Frédéric Dobbelstein, Jean-Philippe Paries.
Saline Bird is designed bizarre speed record holders, Les triplettes de Bonneville. air tanks and other elements are nestled comfortably within its frame in carbon fiber. Riders sit skier strain to minimize air resistance and the panel optional aerodynamic body skin adds a nice finish. I hope that the hand-stitched hides ready for a serious gut-bug splatter. More pictures after the break...

LG G-Slate Has A Video Preview Of LGgirl

LG G-Slate 
 TheOfficialLGgirl, the girl who was recently elected to shoot a commercial for upcoming LG Tablet - G on Slate T-Mobile got a slate G for her after the shooting. She used this cool gadget and now she is out with a video of his experience with the LG slate with the gadget in the video.
Nobody knows if it was a business partner or paid to LG or its actual experience, but she did a great job to reach the attention of many. The video shows all the new tablet Android can do. It includes surfing, shooting 3D stereoscopic content with its rear cameras (also able to shoot 1080p, if you do not want 3D), etc. 3.0 Android honeycomb tab runs on a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and is capable of displaying 3D content (of course, 3D glasses required) and exit on the big screen in all its HDMI port.1 via 

HTC Gamer

HTC Gamer, a Serious 7 Inch Rival to All Portable Consoles
As one of our most prolific designers, Long-Nong Huang is back with the HTC Gamer, a very interesting portable device, that sports a 7 inch display. The gadget uses a single core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon at 1.4 GHz and a front camera of 2 megapixels. Return, you will find a 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash.

HTC Android gamer gets 3.0 honeycomb supports connectivity HSPA + and has a 6000mAh battery with 12 hours of gameplay in 3D. The list of specifications of the device is complete with 7-inch 1 GB of RAM, HDMI, a microUSB port and a special care. via

Saline Airstream by Les Triplettes de Bonneville

Saline Airstream by Les Triplettes de Bonneville:
Airstream saline solution, designed for The less Triplets de Bonneville, has all the marks of French uniqueness and audacity. The first appearance, a touch more utility refined café racer. This bike definitely has the know-how of the designer, fingers crossed that the driver has the same knowledge. More pictures and video after the break...

BenQ Tab Android R100 $ 470

Finally, BenQ has launched the Android tab - R100 in China. Regarding the technical specifications have a BenQ R100 10.1-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and is based on a 833MHz ARM processor.
Although it can not be easier to 720g, the relatively thin 244 mm x 191 mm x 15 mm BenQ R100 contains an internal memory of 8 GB with SD slot that supports cards up to 16GB, a mini-port USB and mini-HDMI and 802.11 b / g / n WiFi, Bluetooth, respectively.
The battery has a capacity of up to 12 hours of the tablet is used only for reading. In addition, the touch screen allows users to take handwritten notes in pen - a relatively rare tablet Android.
BenQ R100 was announced in December last year and is now available in China. The tablet is sold at 3100 yuan (about 470 U.S. dollars). via: 1, 2

PS Square - The Smart Mobile Device

PS Square, the Smart Mobile Device Ideal for Teens; A New PSP Concept In Town?
At first glance, this seems to be a future Sony PlayStation, Sony an alternative to NPM. Created by Hirotaka Matsui, PS Square is a conceptual mobile smart device that is directed against members of the public who are 12 to 14 years. More pictures and info after the break...

Zoomin Watch Concept

Zoomin Watch Concept by Gennady Martynov & Emre Cetinkoprulu:
See Zoomin is a great concept, not just the idea of ​​magnifying the shock in his hands a great idea but the execution is elegant and sophisticated design. Not a single moment is like a clock for the production of money ... if it sounds cool doll art that will appeal to all generations. More images after the break...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Motorola Xoom, like most professionals when it comes to reporting all things related Honeycomb, now has a fierce rival - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
It weighs less than 600g, the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung 10.1-inch screen, dual core Nvidia Tegra 2-processor, and of course the Google Android OS 3.0 honeycomb.
Samsung tablet also boasts an LCD display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, built-in 16GB and 32GB of storage, gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor and a digital compass. Once behind the eight-megapixel camera and in front of a two-megapixel camera, Galaxy 10.1 Tab can record or play back HD video in 1080p, is equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. Since the Android browser and Flash-10.1, Tab 10.1 Samsung Galaxy is an ideal device to access the Internet wherever you are. via

Sony Ericsson Xperia LED Android Phone

Sony Ericsson Xperia LED Android Phone
Sony Ericsson Xperia LED Android Phone is All About Quality:
Dissatisfied with the current version of the quality of Android phones, designer Kieron-Scott decided to create the Sony Ericsson Xperia LED concept. This device Android comes with a black polished steel monocoque and plated brass buttons with LED indicators. 4 More pictures and info after the break...

Tegra 2 Cell Phones Confirmed That Support For More Sony PlayStation

Tegra 2 phones confirmed to support the Sony PlayStation suite:
We've always liked PlayStation launches suite for Sony Ericsson smartphones. Yes, Sony has set his mind to raise their PlayStation users beyond all horizons. NVIDIA Tegra will result Playstation 2 phones in it.
As reported by the news portal NVIDIA Tegra Zone, Sony decided to bring the PlayStation 2 Suite Tegra phones by the end of the year. PlayStation Suite is the App Store, which sells the Sony games have been designed specifically for the Xperia Play and other phones that support Android. And 'quite staggering that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Repeat your phone does not even run two Tegra CPU itself, but it seems that the more equipment is added to the list of supported phones, when officially launched.via: 1, 2

MSI GR620 and GE620 gaming laptop

 MSI GR620 and GE620 gaming laptop
MSI has announced GR620 multimedia and gaming laptops and GE620. The GE620 GR620 and complement the G series and will feature the Intel platform Hulon Rio and the latest Intel Sandy Bridge.

MSI GE620 target games, enjoying a GeForce 540 GT dedicated graphics card and MSI GR620, with onboard video. Both models feature a 15.6-inch screen backlit by LEDs and 7 runs on Windows Home Premium. Its integrated web camera can record 720p at 30 frames per second, accompanied by a facial recognition software.

The board also has 3 GB of DDR3 memory, 320, 500 or 640 hard drive capacity, DVD or Blu-ray optical drive, 4-channel speaker system supports THX TruStudio Pro, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b / g / n , Bluetooth 2.1, 5 - in-one card reader, two USB 3.0 ports and a 6-cell battery.via 1,2

Latest ViewSonic ViewPad 10

 Latest ViewSonic ViewPad 10 
Latest ViewSonic ViewPad 10, A Dual-boot Windows 7 / Android 1.6 Tablet:
ViewSonic ViewPad 10 is a tablet with two operating systems, Windows 7 and Android 1.6, organized in a dual-boot on Intel x86 platform.
Under its design to hide an Intel Atom N455 processor at 1.66 GHz, the model of a single core with hyperthreading, 2GB of RAM and 16 GB SSD to accommodate both operating systems.
Fortunately, the limited capacity of internal memory can be expanded only a microSD card, or rely on external storage devices connected via USB 2.0. The media, we have a mini-HDMI connector, 3.5 mm headphone jack and a 1.3 megapixel camera for video conferencing applications.

At first impression, ViewSonic ViewPad 10 seems to be constant on both operating systems, although using only a single processor core. ViewSonic ViewPad 10 uses the NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform and operates a custom user interface for Android 2.2.

ViewSonic ViewPad 10 is due to launch next month with a retail price of $ 599 for 16 GB, while the 32GB model will be available for $ 679.1 via

iPhone 5 Cell Phone Concept (Video)

iPhone 5 Cell Phone
We heard more and more often the theory of an iPhone 5 without a Home button. This time we are given an alternative to this mechanism: a gesture telephone terminal which takes you back to the main menu. Max Rudberg is the man behind the idea that you can see in the video below. Watch video and read more after the break...

Xperia Shot Mobile Phone

Xperia Shot is the Follow up to the Satio; Runs Android 2.4 and Uses BRAVIA Tech
The man who showed us a potential new Walkman phone, Victor Cao is back, this time with a smart phone based on a powerful camera. We talked about monitoring the Satio Sony Ericsson Xperia known as shooting. This concept works with Android Xperia 2.4 and offers 32 GB of storage. More pictures and info after the break...

N64oid runs Nintendo 64 games on Android

N64oid runs Nintendo 64 games on Android 
If you like playing the good old Nintendo 64 games, you will be pleased to know that you can enjoy these games for Android mobile phone to allow a new application called N64oid.
Android users of the Nintendo 64 fans have reason to rejoice, because the N64 emulator is now available on Android Market. N64oid Yongzh developed, well-known developer of emulators for various consoles. How this application works well and if you want to enjoy the classic Nintendo, you just need to buy this app for the Android Market and get a Nintendo 64 rom. We would like to recall that this application is legal, but downloading is not rom, so keep in mind, too. via: 1, 2

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